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China Domestic Flight Liquid Baggage Restrictions

For taking China domestic flights, some special articles such as liquid will be in a restriction according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Here are some tips for you to know that:

♦ What articles may be in the liquid item category?
A: In China domestic flight, the following items may be in the liquid category:
Liquid Items
► Drinks: mineral water, soft drink, soup, sugar water, etc.
► Cream cosmetics: face/skin lotion, skin care oil, perfume, etc.
► Spray: shaver foam, body mist, etc.
► Contact lens care solution
► Gel products such as hair gel or gel shampoo, etc.
► Any consistency similar solution and goods

♦ How about the liquid restriction of China domestic flight?
A: For carry-on luggage liquid limitation
It is forbidden to carry any liquid items in your carry-on luggage.
Liquid items which are purchased in airport lounge can be packed into your carry-on luggage. 
For checked luggage liquid limitation
Put the liquid items into a sealed transparent plastic bag, each liquid item should be put in less than 100ML container
For alcohol items limitation
Alcohol items must be packed into checked luggage
► Less than 24% (including 24%) alcohol with no capacity limitation
► Between 25% (incl. 25%) and 70% (incl. 70%) alcohol within 5L capacity limitation
► More than 70% alcohol could not be brought on the airplane

How about the cosmetics restrictions?
A: Passengers who take daily used cosmetics into the carry-on luggage, each container shall be no more than 100 ml in volume. Better to pack these items in a plastic bag for checking conveniently.

How about the restriction for China airport transiting passengers?
A: Passengers who have China airport transiting procedure need to pack the duty-free liquid items in a sealed plastic transparent bag and show the invoices of them to China custom. After checking, you can take them with you.

♦ My baby needs to drink milk on the flight, how can I do?
A: For passengers who carry infants on the flight, there are two suggested ways for you:
1) When purchasing the ticket, please inform the airline that your baby needs to drink milk on the flight, the airline will prepare for you.
2) Take your own milk with a limited volume, but it will be checked.