China Train Travel Rushes

There are two main China travel rushes: the Spring Festival Rush and the National Day Rush. During the two periods, there are numerous domestic tourists travel by trains, which give great pressure to China’s transportation. For train travel, the main problem during the travel rush is tickets shortage.
The Spring Festival and National Days are two longest legal holidays in China. Spring Festival Travel Rush is considered the largest population flowing each year. The Spring Festival holiday has 7 days break. As the Spring Festival approaching, millions of migrant workers and students come back home to get together with families. The Spring Festival Rush will last for about 40 days. It usually begins 15 days before the festival and 25 days after the festival. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival there are over 315,000,000 passengers. As the National Day Holiday is also last for 7 days, most of Chinese people choose to travel during this golden week.
Relative departments in China have already taken various measures to ease the pressure on transportation during the travel rushes, such as open up several temporary trains, prolonging the working time of ticket windows. Since 2012, for solving the problem of ticket scalpers, all trains begin to sell real-name ticket. However, these measures still can not solve the ticket shortage.  
China Train Travel Rushes


1. Avoiding the travel rushes when you plans to travel to China. The tickets are difficult to buy and the attractions are very crowd during travel rushes.
2. If you travel to China in Spring Festival, you’d better choose to travel by plane, which will be much looser than train. However, as there are too much passengers than usually, you could not buy discount ticket, and the planes are easy to delay. You should buy the ticket as early as you can, lest there is not ticket.

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