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China Hiking Tour Tips

Hiking tour is also a kind of active out-door tour with much walking. Hiking tour is also a fashion but challenging tour, measuring your journey by using feet as your transportation. Even though, many people still enjoy it very much as it could make people feel happy and excited when they see the beautiful view after a tough walking or climbing. As a large country in the world, there are many classic hiking routes in China. Here are the top China hiking routes.

Top 8 China Hiking Routes

No 1 Hiking in Motuo, Tibet
Motuo is not a famous tourism spot in China, but it was the only county which has not highway to reach before. Motou refers to “hiding lotus flower” in Tibetan Buddhism. With the beautiful natural view, Motou becomes hiking tour destination in China.
For foreign visitors, if you hope to hike in Motuo, Tibet, you will need not only China visa, Tibet permit, but also some travel permit local government. It will need 9-10 days to walk through the whole county. Tourist need to challenge the altitude sickness, bad weather, perilous journey. It requests the tourists to be strong, persistent and wise enough when they hike along this route.

No 2 Mt. Everest Hiking
It is regarded as a route approaching paradise by Chinese hiker. Everyboby hope to witness the top of the world, but not all the dreams can be come true with the too much danger and altitude sickness in the route. Therefore, few people could walk to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Mt. Everest hiking often start by taking bus to Rongbu Monastery, then trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp, then reach the snow line of Mt. Everest --- Rongbu Glacier. It needs 2-3 days.

No 3 Mt. Kailash Hiking
This is a pilgrimage route for those people who believe in Lamaism. Kangrinpoche is the main peak of Mt. Kailash with 6,638 meters high, which is shaped like a pyramid or a huge crystal. The hiking route is walking around the mountain, setting off from Dajin, passing Chukku Monastery, Drirapuk Monastery, Zutrulpuk Monastery, then back to the Dajin. It needs about 3 days for walking. The biggest difficulty for the route is the changeable weather and high altitude.

No 4 Daocheng
This is a route for walking into a pure paradise in the world. Daocheng is located in Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is in the east part of Qinghai-Tibet Platau. Snow mountains, clear streams, green pastures, colourful lakes and vibrant original forests consist of an unparalleled landscape.

NO 5 Bipeng Valley in Mt. Siguniangshan
Mt. Siguniangshan is located in Sichuan Province, 235km away from Chengdu. It is formed by Haizi Valley, Changping Valley, Shuangqiao Valley and Mt. Siguniangshan, which is regarded as the Alps in China. The route often starts from Rilong Town, then walk to Changping Village-Yakou-Bipeng Valley. It will need about 3 days.

No 6 Great Wall
Great Wall hiking can be regarded as the most significant and historical route. Great Wall is regarded as the symbol of Chinese people. It is impossible to walk the whole Great Wall. People often choose of part of it for hiking nearby Beijing.For example, Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Simatai, Jiankou-Mutianyu. It can be one day hiking tour or multi-days tour. It depends on how long you hope to walk along the Great Wall.

No 7 Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking
Compare to the above, this route is better known as it is in Lijiang, which is a world famous tourism destination now. You could find people from different country walk along this route every day. It starts from Qiaotou Town, then have a rest at Halfway Guest House for overnight. Next day the hiking starts from Halfway Guest House and end at the town of Daju. It takes 2 days.

No 8 Li River Hiking
It is a route to enjoy the beautiful scenery in South China. Guilin is famous for its astounding landscape in the world. It is the must-seeing tourism city when you travel to China. Many people choose to taste the beauty by cruise, but a 5-6 hour hiking along Li River is a better choice if you like trekking. In this way, you will not only see the painting-like sightseeing, but also experience the local custom and culture by walking to the villages at the bank of Li River.
For one day hiking, it starts from Yangdi and ends at Xingping, which are the essence of Li River.

What to prepare before a hiking tour?

1.Physical preparation
If you book a multi-days China hiking tour, it is necessary for your to make physical preparation to make yourself to suite long-time walking. It is also a way to let you to know your own physical condition. If you are personal who keep doing exercise everyday, a leisure day hiking tour will be not a problem.

2.Know your hiking route
Top China Travel will send you the details about the hiking route you are interested in before the tour. We also have guide service for each group. It will not be a problem. If you are planning a hiking tour on your own, you need to do some research about the route, the road condition, the transportation safety, where you could get supplies, ect.

3.Gear and supplies
The gear and supplies should be as less as possible, but also as necessary as possible, such as spare clothing, water, food, medicine, mobile, trekking pole, raincoat, backbag, kneelet, ankke support, soft towel, ect.

4.Suitable and comfortable shoes and thick cotton socks

Tips during Hiking
1.Hiking is a total body exercise. For a long hiking tour, walking in different postures could be helpful to reduce the pressure on the feet and relax the leg muscles.
2.Do not try to catch up with others. You should walk at your own pace at a steady speed.
3.Choose a suitable partner during hiking, who have the similar pace with you.
4.Have a break positively and regularly to drink water and replenish energy
5.Short break keeps in 5 minutes without putting the bag down. Long break keeps on 15 minutes every 2-3 minutes for eating and relaxing the feet and legs.

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