Child Train Ticket Regulations

According to China railway regulations, child under 16 years old is not allowed to travel alone on train without accompany.

Regulation for Height of the Child

By taking China trains, an adult could take a child shorter than 1.2 m for free. If taking two children shorter than 1.2m, one child can get the free ticket and the other need to buy a child ticket. When the child’s height is between 1.2m and 1.5m, the child should purchase child ticket. If the child is higher than 1.5 m, she or he should buy full price ticket. 

Seat Ticket

Child Ticket for China train could get favorable price when buypassenger ticket, express train ticket and air-condition ticket. The price of the child ticket should be 50% of the price of passenger ticket and additional ticket. The class of seat of child should be the same as adult, and the terminal station of the child ticket should not farther than accompanying adult’s ticket. 

Sleeper Ticket

If the child need a sleeper himself or herself, he or she need to buy full price sleeper ticket and half price of the additional ticket for air condition. Child could also sleep with the adult on one sleeper, and get the free ticket.
Note: Child ticket do not need to follow the real-name system while purchase ticket at ticket window. Buy ticket on www., you need to offer valid identity documents of the Child. If the child have not get the valid identity document, you can offer the accompanying adult’s ID.
There are standard line at the ticket window, ticket entrance, passenger exit and gate of the train for measuring children’s height.

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