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Black Taxi Scam in China

Black taxi, a word referred to the shady taxi, is always waiting for their targets who may mostly the foreign tourists. This taxi scam in China may be occurred in some following situation:

To you destination with a big bill: It is a common thing in most parts of the world that tourists may experience “black taxi” (illegal taxi, not really black color). The black taxi driver may take you to the destination with a fake meter. Finally, you may pay the bill with a ridiculous price.

Without taking you to the destination and taking your luggage away: the situation is not as common as above one, just some particular situations.

A stranger share the car with you: when a taxi stop after you waving your hands on the street, you plan to seat in the taxi, at this time, a stranger may emerge and ask you “where you plan to go”. After your answer, he may express that he is also in the same direction and it is hard to call another taxi at this time. And then, he may ask whether you mind to share the car with you or not? If you agree, you may be involved in a part of the scam since the “stranger” and the taxi driver may be a group of cheat.

Taking a taxi in China

Tips from Top China Travel for avoiding taxi scams:

Where may happen: It may happen around the airports and most hot scenic spots

How to avoid:

► When at the airport: catching taxi which is waiting in the airport specified area. If you could not find the taxi waiting area, better to consult with the airport reception.
► When plan to choose the taxi: stick to pay by meters, if the driver not agree, change to another one.
► Stick to ask for a receipt so that you can find the things you left on the taxi.
► Don’t share taxi with strangers.
► If you’ve been overcharged or scammed, write down the license plate number as well as the driver’s ID number so that you can report them. Also, take some photos of the car and driver if possible.
► It is a great way to ask your hotel reception about the reasonable price to your destination