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Best Time to Climb Mt. Everest

The best time to climb Mt. Everest will be months April, May, and some days in September, October, and November.
best time to climb mt everest  
♦ Climb Mt. Everest in Spring
Dust from the plains of India during the spring routinely provides less than ideal conditions for clear mountain views. April and early May is a good time to see the hedgerows and trees bursting into bloom, with Rhododendrons, in particular, adding a spectacular splash of color to the landscape
♦ Climb Mt. Everest in Summer
The views are much better after the summer monsoons have cleared the atmosphere of dust, but the days are shorter and cooler. But in summer, pay attention to the threatening monsoon season.
♦ Climb Mt. Everest in Autumn
There is a good time in Autumn to climb Mt. Everest after the monsoon season fading out.
♦ Climb Mt. Everest in Winter
The winters are very cold and snow may make it difficult to travel higher than Tengboche, and also lodges may be closed above this altitude. Summers, on the other hand, are wet, and the spectacular peaks are often lost in the clouds.
Best time to trek Everest base camp without rainy days: Sep to Jan
Sept to Jan are excellent months to travel to Everest base camp because these days are quite dry. The weather is beginning to get warmer with the particular periodic quick shower. It is sometimes quieter than the other peak period of Sept to Nov.
Best time to trek Everest base camp quickly: January to February
These months can be very cold but it is generally dry and clear and all the routes are very quiet which is great.
♦ Temperature of Mt. Everest
Its summit temperatures in January average -33° F (-36° C) and can drop to -76° F (-60° C),
and its average summit temperature in July is -2° F (-19° C).
At night it is generally cooler, while the days are generally warm.
Winter (January and February) will be bit colder but the days can be quite beautiful and warm if the sun is out. There will be bit of snow during the month of January, February and December.
♦ Climbing seasons of Everest:
The 6 weather periods of EVEREST (not definitive)
Very Wet
June 7 to Sep 30
Autumn Window
Dry, Warm, Calm
Oct 1 to Oct 20
Very Windy, Cold, Very Dry, Dark
Oct 20 to Nov 30
Very Windy, Very Cold, Dry, Dark
Dec 1 to Feb 28
Windy, Cold, Dry
Mar 1 to May 20
Spring Window
Dry, Warm, Calm
May 20 to June 6