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Before Departure - Activities for China Students Travel

For student travel, a tour with educational activities or interactive arrangements will let they learn more than the things between lines. Here Top China Travel would like to list some interesting activities in each city for your reference.

Recommended Activities in Beijing

► Chinese Calligraphy Course in HutongCalligraphy is one of the most interesting Chinese culture which is popular among all generations in China. Learning how to write a Chinese character by controlling the writing brush is a course both for fun and for cultural experience. Remember one thing when using writing brush - it is easier to control it with relaxing mood.

► Chinese Crosstalk Performance in Tea House
Chinese crosstalk performance is a good chance for students who are in Chinese language course and understand Chinese language. The language skills used in crosstalk will enlarge your Chinese language learning knowledge. If you plan to see this performance, better to do some preparation of it.

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China Educational tour

Learn to paint Peking Opera masks

Recommended Activities in Xian

► Cycling on Xian Great Wall
For a group of students travelling to Xian, you can hold a cycling competition on Xian City Wall. It is a chance to see this ancient city throughly with a memorable experience.

► Learning to Making Chinese Dumpling
People from so many countries like the Chinese dumpling tastes very much. And it is also a food can be made easily. No need to get tips from the top cook or a famous master that may hard to find, every local can be a teacher to teach the dumpling making method. Just 1 hour and you may know how to cook a meal of Chinese dumpling.

Recommended Activities in Shanghai

► A Sightseeing Tour in University in Shanghai
Shanghai offers many China top universities. And a sightseeing tour in one of these famous universities will ensure an educational tour in Shanghai. Doing some communication with Chinese students and even you may find a Chinese friend in this moment.

► Visiting Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
The amazing Shanghai World Expo Exhibition will bring a creative room into students’ minds. Even just appreciating the architectural designs will be a special offer for this educational tour.

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China Educational tour

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Recommended Activities in Guilin

► Yangshuo Countryside Extension Tour
In Yangshuo, there are so many extension tours can be added on student tour including biking tour, cooking tour, Taichi learning tour, rock climbing tour, etc. From the extension tour, students may learn about team working, DIY ideas, etc.

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Recommended Activities in Yunnan

► Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour
Every backpacker will have a trip of Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking in his travel time. No need to introduce too much about this route, it is a challenge for the physical and mental upgrade.