Great China Holiday from Canada

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Client: Ms.Marylon Hall

Nationality: Canada

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-180822

Pax: 7

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Huangshan-Shanghai

Hi Tracy,

Glad you had a great holiday too. We certainly were very pleased with most everything!!!

All connections came together easily and the guides certainly were informative and things ran smoothly.  All site tours were well chosen and time wise gave us wonderful memories.  

The first hotel was pretty much what we had thought the rooms would be—-every other rooms were above expectation—-the 2nd one was fantastic and they even upgraded us. The rice fields and the river rooms were fantastic and scenic locations.Local food excellent —only one KFC and a piazza in the hotel by river raft didn’t agree—so Chinese food was good—we do have Chinese restaurant in our town that is really authentic and popular with our family.  

There were a lot of steps—glad to have climbed them all with the views etc that rewarded our exertion. Even getting the suitcases to the rice field hotel —was rewarded with fantastic rooms. I will gladly give an opinion on anything you might ask—we certain hold this trip in high regard.

Thank you so much. Marylon Hall. The Halls and the Stewart’s—thank you

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