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Client: Ms.Katherine Webb

Nationality: USA

Group Code: TCT-BL-FIT-160315

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai


I hope that this finds you well. I've waited to write to you in order to put my thoughts together. This was our first trip to China. I must be honest and say that while I expected us to have a good time, I didn't expect to have an incredible journey! From my first correspondence with Bonnie, I was very pleased. So let's get down to some specifics.

Upon arrival to Beijing, after a 14 hour flight, Sisi met us. She was so happy to see us and we were thrilled to see TCT on the card! She helped us with our luggage and called Mr Li, who met us curbside. He graciously opened our doors, helped us inside the car, offered us water and then put our luggage in the trunk. Sisi was perfect. She answered our questions but didn't force any conversation as she knew that we were exhausted. She and Mr Li were so kind. She has the happiest personality. She helped us to our hotel, spoke with the front desk and made sure that we made it safely to our room. For the rest of our Beijing trip, we were given top notch (excellent) personal service from Mr Li (driver) and Sisi became our tour guide, historian, photographer and our friend. While seeing The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Imperial Gardens etc is always impressive, Sisi made our time unforgettable. She is an incredible asset to TCT. We've already made plans to attend the Olympics in 2020 and of course, we want Sisi to be our guide.

I never could have navigated the Beijing train station without Sisi. She explained how the signs work and what area our train was to be and then we sadly said our goodbyes. The train trip was lovely and upon arrival in Xi'an, we were met by Li. He is a walking historian. We learned so much. He had Mr Chun meet us curbside at the rail station and this is where I was a tad bit disappointed. For the Xi'an trip, Li was wonderful. He has this wonderful dry sense of humour that we learned to enjoy immensely. Mr Chun, though, very rarely opened our car doors and we were never provided water. In all fairness, he was VERY flexible with getting us to see the Terra-cotta Warriors an hour earlier than expected (for which we were very grateful) but upon arrival to our hotel the first night, he dropped us off in the street and Mr Li and I carried our luggage into the hotel. Mr Li answered every single question that we had and procured for us wonderful seats for the Chinese Dinner Theater...He is a positive asset for TCT.

Mr Li took us to the airport for our flight to Shanghai. We said our good byes and 2 hours later, we landed in Shanghai. Eileen met us. She was so sweet. She helped us with our luggage and called for Mr Tang (driver) who came and helped us with our luggage, opened the van door and helped us in. There was water for us. As we navigated through the streets, Eileen answered our questions, and gave us some history on the city. Mr Tang drove to the hotel, helped us with our luggage and waited while Eileen helped us check in. She has the sweetest personality. For our entire Shanghai leg, Eileen became our friend. She helped me try to learn to pronounce words in your language and we all had a laugh when that didn't go over so well ;) She treated us to some Chinese candy after we treated her to some Godiva chocolate and we were touched. I'm actually still eating it. Eileen is so very thoughtful and very intelligent. Mr Tang was amazing!

Our last evening, before boarding a plane back to Beijing, we left our camera in the van but didn't realise it. We were panicking in the airport due to some mix up over our flight (which we booked) and Eileen calmly and effectively solved the problem. THEN, we realised that we didn't have the camera and so she called Mr Tang, who graciously drove 15km BACK to the airport to give it to us..All the while, we knew that Eileen was catching the flu. Mr Tang was such a kind and gentle man. We really enjoyed him!

There are not enough words to describe our love for TCT, Sisi, Mr Li, Eileen and our experiences. I have told everyone who asks about TCT and I cannot wait to come back to your beautiful country and explore some more.

Katherine Webb

China Travel Advisor

I am an outgoing girl. I don't like changeless life, I like trying to experience many different things. Thus, travel is my favorite. During my travel, I can enjoy many beautiful sceneries, experience a lot of interesting stories, taste a lot of the local cuisines and make friends from all over the world. After joining in this big family TCT, my interest of travel becomes more keen, because I have got more knowledge of travel. If I have time, I will visit to all over China, and even across the world.

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