9 Days Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour

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Client: Jean-Claude Cassier

Nationality: France

Group Code: TCT-DM-FIT-130629

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Hong Kong-Chengdu-Lhasa-Shigatse-Tingri-Mt. Everest-Shigatse-Lhasa

Dear Daniel, how are you today? Very hot in Hong Kong,

Well, i am better today and i can send you a feed-back more complete about our trip ( the pics will come later).

All was perfectly planed, a guide was waiting for us in Lhasa airport and we went with her to our hotel ( the Gang Gyan Lhasa hotel). This hotel is perfect and friendly, very well located, not far from Potala and other sightseeings. It is nearby the post office, nearby Potala and Bakhor street.. a very good choice.

We have met our driver in airport and our guide in Hotel. The guide was not Mr. Jiang Young but Mr. Jamyiang, a very kind and interresting guide (but may be it is the same?), he was fluent in english and introduced all the temples very well. The driver was brave and careful, the roads are not always very good but all was ok.

Nothing special to say about the sightseeings, very interresting, I have only changed one, we have changed the Sera monastery ( similar to the Drepung one) by a nonnery in Lhasa, where we could take some pics inside the temple. Very interresting too.

We have seen all the sighseeings and - honnestly - we should want to come back another time to Tibet.

The accomodations were ok too in Lhasa and in Shighaste, in Tingri it was average... but, you were right, the staff was friendly and so all was ok too. No WiFi but no problem, we can stay a couple of days without Internet.

We have bought a lot of "souvenirs" and i shall talk about this wonderful trip to my familly and to my friends. The only regret is : "no photos'" inside the temples. Sure i understand there are sacred places and so we need to respect them but, in another hand, it should be very interresting to show to others the treasures of Tibet ( I love the paintings and sometimes i was desappointed to be unable to take pics of them.. anyway, all the pics are in my heart).

Dear Daniel, Eric and me thank you for your help and we hope to do the same trip soon or another one in Chine, so we will stay in touch. Please let know to the tour office in Tibet how satisfied we were with our guide and with our driver.

Sincerely yours

Jean-Claude ( and Eric, in office)

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