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TCT Story – Team Building Trip to Yangshuo

Post Time: Jun 28 2012 By Vanessa Li

Continued our Yangshuo biking tour to the next site – Yangshuo Climbing Site. It was hard to named the exact address of this climbing area, but it was just about 10min cycling distances from the Big Banyan Tree.
♦ 16:00, Top China Travel Team Building Activity - Climbing
For everyone in Top China Travel, it was the first time to challenge the mountain-climbing sport. Not every one could get to the goal but each of them had did the best of themselves.
So let me introduce our brave people one by one:
Uncle Li – the first person to attempt this climbing sport

Zhou Xianfu – the first person in our team to get to the top

Tina – she had done her best to get to the half of the hill

Candy – too novel made she become tired quickly

Sophie – all of us were amazed at her skillful climbing ability though she was the first time to attempt this activity! She was the fastest person to get to the top.

Maggie – a tall girl climbed quickly. And she would like to order the coach “Fastening the Rope!”

The climbing activity lasted for about 1 hour till 17:00. Every one was exciting to experience this adventurous item including the audiences such as me.
It was time to get back for our dinner. The sun had been accompanied with us on the back road to our hotel. Yangshuo’s countryside scenery was in another tone during the sunset time.

When finished this day, all of us were tired off. But we were all joyful because we printed our team’s footprint in Yangshuo countryside. It let us know each other better so that it made Top China Travel Agency team more united.

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