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My unforgettable trip in Yangshuo

Post Time: Jul 13 2012 By Vanessa Li

Last weekend, I went to Yangshuo with our TCT sales team. That was really an unforgettable and meaningful tour.

We set out from 9 a.m. at Saturday morning by our company minibus and we arrived at Yangshuo at about 11 a.m..After dealing with the hotel check-in procedures,we chose a classic cycling route and began our wonderful Yangshuo bike tour.

We rode along the country road and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery. Along the way, we saw a lot of green fields and orchards which were rare for us because of our long and fast-tempo life in the city. What others attracted us were the diverse hotels and restaurants by the road which were differ from their appearance outside and structure inside. The hotels mainly are concise and comfortable with balcony. They are suitable for our holidays with families and friends. We can escape the intense life and relax ourselves by living there. The restaurants have various Chinese tastes food, especially peasant cooking. Also, there are foreign cuisine. 

The structure inside of Tea Cozy

The appearance outside of Tea Cozy

We rode nearly for one hour to the Yulong River. There, we saw many bamboo rafts moved slowly with passengers in the river. Most of them were taking photos for themselves and the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river. They all looked in a good mood and relaxed. We took some interesting photos and then went on our bike tour. 

Yulong River in Yangshuo 

We spent nearly one hour to ride to the rock climbing base which is in a village. What we saw was so amazing. The climbing instructor climbed to the top of the mountain with just a rope around his waist and thigh. It seemed so exciting that we wanted to go and try it. Five of us tried it. While one of them were climbing, the others of us cheered and gave him/her opinions. Two of them climbed to the top successfully and others climbed to the half of the mountain. Though the three were failed, they also felt excited and meaningful. Rock climbing was a big challenge for them and that would be an unforgettable memory during their life. 

The rock climbing base in Yangshuo

After enjoying our rock climbing tour, we planned to return to our hotel because it was a bit dark and we felt a little tired. We went back to our hotel and had a short rest, then we found a restaurant along the river to enjoy our supper. We had deep love for the beer fish there. 

Da Shi Fu Beer Fish Restaurant

Finishing our meal, we went to the famous West Street to have a look. There gave us an eye-opening with a sea of people. It was very lively. On the street, there are bars with distinctive theme, restaurants with tasty western-style food and Chinese food, stores with jewelry, clothes and shoes with national flavor. While walking, the singing and cheers from the bars filtered to our ears from time to time. So many tourists were taking their photos and choosing goods they need. 

West Street in Yangshuo (1)

West Street in Yangshuo (2)

After enjoying our West Street tour, we found a KTV to spend our nightlife. We went back to our hotel till the early morning of Sunday.


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