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My Impressive Chengdu Trip – A Visit to Chengdu Kuan Zhai Alley

Post Time: Jul 16 2012 By Vanessa Li

I went to Chengdu at the end of Apirl this year, and have not written anything about it yet. Today, I feel that I must start writing, cause I really afraid that I am going to forget the detail of this wonder trip. 
I went to Chengdu from Guilin by plane. It just took me 1.5 h to get to the Chengdu Shuangliu
International airport. As it was my first time to travel by plane, I felt a little tired, and it was already late in the afternoon, I decided to have a rest and start my real trip next day.
Before I get to this historical and cultural city, I heard that “Kuan Zhai Alley is the name card of Chengdu”, so I decided to go there firstly the next day.
Bathing in the morning sunshine, we step into the broad and narrow alleys. Here, three alleys---Kuan Alley, Zhai Alley and Jing Alley, were still sleeping. They are elegant and quiet.
Kuan Alley is wider than the other two. In the shade and the sunlight beneath the plane trees of both sides, there are ancient courtyards and buildings, old walls with bamboo grow beside and hitching postembossed on it, Black lacquer door with a board writing “private house”. Teahouse and posting-house were just opening the door and starting the morning cleaning.

plane trees

Just as its name implies, Zhai Alley is much narrow than the other two alleys. There you can find bars, cafes, soda fountains, art salon with” bourgeois sentiments”.


Ge Bi Zi Bar

Jing Alley reflects the modern life. It is a multi-style alley with both ancient and modern architecture. I tried some snacks, one is called “heart-broken bean jelly”. The chili flavor of it makes people wanna cry, but it was very delicious for me.

Wall culture


Heart-broken Bean Jelly

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