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My unforgettable trip to Li River

Post Time: Jul 19 2012 By Vanessa Li

In the morning of Sunday, the weather was wet because of the slight rain last night. Everywhere was green in Guilin on the month June. We started our Li Rvier Tour.

We boarded the ship and took our seat. Then we began to chat and appreciate the beautiful secnery. At the beginning, the water in Li River was green and flowed quietly without surge that we had imagined, just like a graceful and restrained Jiangnan woman. The bank of this river is green with farmland and the occasional brilliant yellow flower of rapeseed. Then the ship's broadcast said that we just needed to spend one hour then we could see the famous scenic spots of Li River. 

When I woke up, the ship had seemed to be in the wonderful picture. Various small mountains due to Karst landform appeared to us. The mist had not been cleared, the hills was like a women with veil. With infinite mystery, people always could not open the gauze of her. This gave us endless imagination that what was the fascinating scenery behind her veil.

The ship went ahead slowly in the river. The inverted image of some grey tile farmhouses in the river came to our eyes. Behind the farmhouse, there were some low-key mountain. The water flowed through in front of the door of the farmhouses slowly to get away from the noise of the city. How quiet and peaceful place to go. There was a path through the Li River. We saw fishman with a rain hat fastening his ship and some ducks swimming in the river enjoyably. This peaceful picture made us just like in the wonderful dreamland. 

Then we arrived at the world famous "Yellow Cloth Reflection". We could see the inverted image of the mountains and Bambusa multiplex clearly. A lot of movies found a view right here. it is the lijiang river. It was really a unique scenery of the Li River. 

With the move of the ship, we came to a mountain with the wall which seeded to be cut by a knife or axe. People said that there was a beautiful legend of this mountain. In ancient times, a young boy standing in front of the mountain, watching the trace of knife cut on the wall, found the rocks laid out nine different shapes of the horse. All people along with him could not find this. Then the young boy became a prime minister. So there is a saying that people who can find out the nine horses in one minute, then he/she is able to become a prime minister. Hearing this, we couldn't help to look at the wall wide-eyed. But what a pity that we could not find out the whole nine horses. This particular mountain is called " Nine Horses Draw Mountain".

Passed the Nine Horses Draw Mountain, the surface of the water became wide and the weather bacame fine. Also, there was melodious sound of singing came from the river bank. With the mountains and rivers, we didn’t have excitement and desire, we forgot love, hatred and worry.

I think the worldwide reputation of Li River is not the result of its delicate appearance, but that kind of its deep feeling which can make us forget sadness soon and integrate into the nature. 

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Vanessa Li

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