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My Impressive Chengdu Trip— A Visit to Jinli Old Street

Post Time: Jul 24 2012 By Vanessa Li

Jinli Old Street, located to the east of the Wuhou Memorial Temple of Chengdu (the most famous Three Kingdoms period (220 - 280) relic museum in China) is particularly representative of this city.It is said that Jinlin Old Street is one of the most ancient and commercial Street in the history of the West Shu (ancient name of Sichuan Province). It became a famous street as early as the Qin and Han Dynasty.

The third day of my chengdu trip, I went to Jinli Old Street to feel the ancient last appeal of this old street.
It was a sunny day, not vey hot, just comfortale for traveling.When I walked through at the gate of the street, I just felt that I maight crossed the time to the late Ming Dynasity. The architacture is the style of late Ming Dynasty and the beginning Qin Dynasty. You could fully feel the beauty of the old street, on the meaning while delicous snacks and modern resturant. People here were leisurely and carefree mood. They seat for a rest, cheating with friends or eating snacks. I realy like the snacks here. Even now, I am mouth-watering for the snacks I tasted in the old street.

The Front door of Jinli Old Street

Paper Cut Arts

Candy-made picture

Delicious Snack

Sorry that some photos can not be upload right now, I will figure out and try to update ASAP

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