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TCT Story – Yangshuo Countryside Cycling Tour

Post Time: Jun 23 2012 By Vanessa Li

With the early summer’s sunshine, our team - Top China Travel Agency Team - joined the Yangshuo countryside cycling tour.
Day 1, Jun 16, 10:00 a.m. cycling began!
With about 2 hours driving from Guilin city to Yangshuo county, our TCT cycling tour began! I just chosen a twin-seat bike and cooperated with Tina to finish our cycling tour. 
Our twin-seat bike and my “drive” Tina Chan :)
Planned route: From the western side of Yangshuo Town – Ji Ma – Chaoyang Village – Lunch time - Big Banyan Tree – a site for climbing activity (for investigation purpose) – Aishan – back to Yangshuo Town.
Pax: 12
Temperature: around 28 Celsius degrees, mid-day may reach to 34 Celsius degrees.
Tips: Be better to wear long-sleeve cloth and equip enough water.
It was my first time to have cycling tour around Yangshuo, every thing was extremely attractive for me. I really loved the green fields and quiet hills along the road.
yangshuo countryside bikingyangshuo countryside biking
Scenery along the road
In my opinion, May to June is the best time to have a Yangshuo cycling tour. The green scenery and the comfortable temperature will let you to forget about the trouble in the daily life.
10:30 Our first stop – a site for learning Tai Chi Chuan
Just riding about 30 min, we had our first stop to a site which was used for learning Tai Chi Chuan. Went through an narrow lane and an ancient wooden door was in front of our eyes.

It was a yard for people to know more about the Chinese traditional Kungfu culture. Even in a summer day, this place was also cool enough.
Aimed to catch a feeling of Chinese Kungfu, we planned to take a photo in Tai Chi Chuan pose. Uncle Li was teaching Tina how to pose more like that way. But I really thought it was a funny pose and could not help laughing for a long time!
Continued our cycling tour in the hot day, and went ahead to Chaoyang Village. Thanks for Tina to handle the bike very well so that I could catch many interesting photos such as:
Maggie was cycling to catch us
Wow, Tan Bin looked like a professional cycling player
Daniel, what did he see when he showed this serious expression
Woops, Tina and I were caught by some one!
12:30 Lunch Time
I just could not remember the exactly time to have this lunch, but it was a delicious and happy one.
13:30 Continued to find more joys of Yangshuo biking tour
For tourists who had a cycling tour in Yangshuo may know that, the destination was not necessary, the highlight of this activity were sceneries and joys along the roads. Yeah, we were just biking along the Yulong River.

Zhou and his girlfriend in another twin-seat bike
Green was a color made every one feel leisure and comfortable. See, I could not help to running into this filed since I saw this large area of green!

A large area of GREEN!!! And then...

TCT was appearing! Said HI to you!
Oh, it is time to have my lunch now. There are still too many things to share with you. Top China Travel did so many happy even crazy things during the last weekend. To be continue…

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