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Stanley - an attractive seaside town in the south of Hong Kong

Post Time: Nov 01 2013 By Vicky Lu

Stanley is a very casual-style town in Hong Kong. Photographers go frequently to this place to take pictures; especially, people like to go to take wedding pictures in Stanley because Stanley has exotic feelings. Foreigners like to go to Stanley, strolling at Stanley bazaar, looking at a table at the beach and drinking coffee or the sea. Going to Stanley for travel, one can not only enjoy leisure time, but also can enjoy the waterfront scenery of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay.

Stroll along the Seaview Promenade before the trip, I could see the opposite ocean park, the famous Ocean Park cable car is passing along the hillside. If you have taken cable car in the Ocean Park, you would see a beautiful piece of the Gulf, which was what I was placing on foot.

Many buses can reach the Stanley Village, but the vast majority of tourists get off the bus in the Stanley square, so I followed them down. There is a Stanley Plaza here. Standing on top of the square, I could overlook the entire Stanley. In an open-air cafe, you can see the following famous Stanley Blake Pier and Murray House.

Stanley Plaza, in fact, is a leisure and shopping center. The building here is not large, five -storey high. Shopping mall offers a large supermarket TASTE, senior home shop “Dongshi", Starbucks and boutiques. There are some specialty products at sell, such as home-made handicrafts, organic environmentally friendly products. The whole square has escalators and lifts, visitors can Stanley can go from here down to the beach, where the platform can also be a short break and enjoy the Stanley Bay views.

Went below Stanley Plaza, I saw a lot of tourists there. On the ground floor, the plaza is full of restaurants and cafes, many people come here, not to play, but drink coffee in Stanley, enjoy leisure time by the beach.

There are has two huge trees in the Square with trimmed particular type, like two large mushrooms. It seems that the two has stood here for many years, but I do not know how many years. A lot of people sit under trees, reading or resting. It seems they are having a very leisure time. The edge of the square is the famous Stanley Murray House, which is a building that is of Victorian style. It was originally located in the Center of Hong Kong.

Stanley Main Street is the most popular place, where always has a constant stream of people, in fact, it is sited at the edge of the promenade. Here are coffees bars and pubs opened under the residential buildings. Many people like to have something to eat here, drinkin a cup of coffee and enjoying the sun.

Stanley has Stanley Street and Stanley Market Road, Stanley Village Road and Stanley New Street. Stanley Market contains a number of seat-single blocks of tenement houses. Here sells souvenirs to foreign tourists, Chinese handicrafts, antiques, readymade garments, paintings, jewelry, as well as restaurants and shops, money exchange etc.

Stanley Stanley Market is one of the most popular places in this city. There are all kinds of small shops and stalls, selling leather, silk, wool and cotton clothing quality. The price is very cheap, even very tempting, makes you a impulsive to buy. 

Out from the end of the Stanley Market, I continued to move forward, that is, the top of the Stanley waterfront promenade. On the left there is a small beach. In fact, it is right back in the bazaar. There is a Stanley Main Beach nearby, located adjacent to Stanley Market.

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