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Have a Art Baptism in Cattle Depot Artist Village of Hong Kong

Post Time: Nov 05 2013 By Vicky Lu

Cattle Depot Artist Village is a famous for its art creation by the artists living here. And this art village is like its name, being set up in the cattle depot. There is a famous brick tile-roofed house here, which is built in 1908. And it now has been listed as three-graded relics in Hong Kong city. It was formerly the Hong Kong's quarantine station and the slaughterhouse, and later a number of local artists lived in here and started the development of an art village. Here was forbidden to take pictures. Without invitation, it was not allowed to enter and visit until 2011. In 2001, it was open to public and allows freedom to visit her, which slowly opened its mysterious veil.

Here there were more than 20 artists and arts organizations making their residence here, including "1A Space", "Art Commune", "CUTANDTRY", "Videotage", "Frog King" , "Zuni Icosahedron", "Cow College", etc., and the famous Phoenix TV host Liang Wendao grew up in the Cattle Depot Artist Village. He previously served as dean of the Cattle Depot.

At the entrance of Cattle Depot is the atrium with an open space of about 40 square meters. Brick parapet is enclosed on both sides, the two walls was originally tied to cattle use. Just entering into the ancient red brick tile, I feel like entering a ghost town. In addition to management staff, I did not see a tourist. In fact, if there is no activity here, it is so quiet. But it is such a quiet place that I have a surge of interest in, because I want to learn more about art and visit famous artists. 

The building of Cattle Depot Artist Village is in red brick bungalow with early 20th century layout of Western markets, but the most significant feature is the use of red brick. According to the lease, the units are for non-residential purposes, but it is not limited to arts and cultural creation purposes. Here creative artists make their own works, exhibitions, various performances and theatrical performances.


Here is the famous "Qianjinjin Cattle Depot Theatre", which is stationed in the Cattle Depot Artist Village in 2002. It is a small independent private theater. This small theater can accommodate 60-80 people here and have organized theater performances, concerts, fashion shows, video playback, seminars, workshops, and actor rehearsals and other activities. It is said that the theater performances here are very avant-garde and exploratory. The theater is often performed only at eight p.m. on weekends and occasionally three o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday show, but unfortunately we did not have time to stay in this place for such a long time to wait for the performances. The theater usually is in rehearsal, prohibiting other personnel.

Walking in the village, I could see a lot of creative things that were put in front of the work house of the artists. Some artists welcome the work rooms to see their creative work. If the artist is generous, they even give some of their work to you as a gift. Here works here are interesting.

Some creative works are simple, but they also have their existing means. Although I may did not know their means, but appreciate the works themselves. If there were another chance, I will come here in a best time, so that I can see a art performance here and explore more about art.

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