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Sky 100 - a fantastic platform to see Hong Kong from the air

Post Time: Oct 29 2013 By Vicky Lu

Many people often go to Hong Kong, but they go there to go shopping, so they may do not know the MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail, Lantau Trail and Hong Kong Trail and many beautiful hiking trails in this amazing city. And they may also not know Tower Gate Island, Tung Lung Chau, Kiu Tsui Chau, Kau Sai Chau, Lamma Island and many other beautiful islands. But I was just the opposite. I often went hiking in Hong Kong, but did not really shopped in Hong Kong, have not been to the famous attractions in Hong Kong as I went her for a couple of times. If someone really want to understand Hong Kong, the two extremes are not acceptable.

Last time, I was invited to participate in the Hong Kong Food and Wine Festival, so I got the chance finally to travel to several well-known tourist attractions in Hong Kong for the first time. I went to the Ocean Park, Lan Kwai Fong, Lantau Island, Victoria Peak, and I also went to the highest viewing platform - sky100 Hong Kong Observation platform. You can get a 360-degree panoramic views overlooking Hong Kong from the world’s fourth tallest building - Hong Kong International Commerce Centre.

Exiting from Shenzhen Luohu or Futian Port, the easiest route is to take the East Rail to Sheung Shui Bus Station, and then take the 270A bus route directly to the MTR Kowloon Station Bus Terminus, or to take the East Rail to Tsim Sha Tsui and then walk to Star Ferry Pier, take No. 8 route to MTR Kowloon station Bus Terminus. If you take the subway, you have to make several interchanges to Kowloon Station. Skyline 100 observation deck is on the 100th floor. Visitors can reach the ticket center at the entrance on the first floor or entrance on the second floor to the MTR Kowloon Station.

You’d better ticketing on the official, for you can enjoy discounts. As for online pre-booking, fare for adult is HK $ 125, over 3 years old children (less than three years are free of charge) and the elderly over 90 years old are charged HK $ 125, and family Package charges 305 HK $ 125. Of course, if you go directly to ticket office, you can buy tickets by self-service ticket vending machines, but the ticket is expensive than booking online. 

Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is an indoor observation deck in Hong Kong, located in the highest building in Hong Kong International Commerce Centre, 100th floor. walked into the building, the first thing I saw was this cylindrical multimedia player, and there were a three-dimensional projection of exhibitions and 3D theater on the second floor, playing from a different perspective views and scenery of Hong Kong films, demonstrating the development of Hong Kong and the life and customs of this city. The words on the wall look a bit different. Looked closer, I found the word was made by landscape photos of Hong Kong city, very creative.

For Skyline 100 is on the 100th floor of the buildings, so it needs to take the elevator to reach, but before entering the elevator there is a hallway. When you go in it, I felt a bit like entering to the space capsule. The wall all around is decorated with patterns of electronic light, constantly changing. There is presentation about sky 100 on the big screen with music. It was like walking into a dream.

This is a high-speed direct elevator to the 100th floor inside. There are four high-speed elevators up there, and each is designed to carry 15 people. When I just entered the elevator, I did not find any different, only to find the dim lights, and later I found everyone was taking photos of the top roof, I realized that what is shown above is the running time and the floor number we reached. We did not have much feeling inside, but looked at the displayed time; the elevator speed is quite fast. It only took 60 seconds up to 100th layers.

When we were still amazed at the view, the elevator has reached 100th floor. Out of the elevator, we could see the door was a transparent channel and the scenery of the whole Hong Kong is below the glass. These lantern models looks really nice, but many people are afraid of walking on it. They are worried about crumbing the glass if stepping it. But relief, this glass is quite strong, we have a large group of people walked and the glass remained unharmed.

Sky 100 has an altitude of 393 meters and the observation deck has an area of about 30,000 square feet. When I just entered the hall, I felt it is more spacious than I imagined, and visitors can 360 degree aerial view of Hong Kong views in such a high altitude.

Almost everyone can not wait to go to the large window for the first reaction. We wanted to see what kind of scenery outside the window. When I looked out the party was over the direction of the sun, because of the sun reflection, it seems not very clear. Then closer, we can see Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Zi Jinhua Square in the right hand side.

This place is not only a great place where people like to take pictures, children estimated to be more like it. In front of each side of a large viewing glass, there are equipped with photos of what you can watch outside the window. And with instructions, people can understand what they are looking at. Looked out the window, the scenery is better. We could not only see the buildings along the coast of Hong Kong, but also the distant mountains.

If you want to look further, or to see more carefully, observation deck is quipped with telescopes for a fee, through a telescope to see the scenery. Skyline 100 is also provided MP5 audio guide system in four languages, as long as you put on headphones, walk in front of a certain multimedia photo by scanning, and immediately you will be able to hear audio commentary, allowing visitors to learn more about Hong Kong landmarks and viewing surroundings .

The walls of the inner circle are also posted a lot of photos of Hong Kong, showing not only present Hong Kong, but also many old photographs. Looking at the old and new changes in Hong Kong, you will be able to understand Hong Kong's development and change. Viewing platform is equipped with multimedia equipment, allowing visitors to understand our customs.

The 101th floor of Skyline 100 also introduced international top restaurants. You can eat a meal inside the tallest building, feeling the romantic atmosphere. There is a particular coffee café. This place is called "SKY CAFE" (sky coffee bar), against the best scenery outside the window of Sky 100. Sitting here and drinking coffee, it can be regarded as the most beautiful things to enjoy.

I came to see the small store here. In addition to pure water, mineral water, fruit juice and other beverages, there are also ice cream. Do not think things in Hong Kong are all giantly expensive; most things here are from HK $ 10 to HK $ 25.

In Sky 100, visitors can overlook Victoria Harbor in 360 degree angle as well as views of the Kowloon Peninsula. It is said, if the weather is fine, it can see as far a distance to Macau. But I am only interested in scenery, I do not care which place I can see from here.

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