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Camped out in the most pure beach in Hong Kong - Half Moon Bay

Post Time: Oct 29 2013 By Vicky Lu

I have been to a couple of coastlines and islands of Hong Kong, but I have been looking for a very clean water to go camping, swimming and taking pictures. Our friend Sam told me that I should go to the Half Moon Bay and have a look, where the water is the cleanest. I did not know where Half Moon Bay was in Hong Kong, so I went on the Internet to search some information about it. But there was not much information about Half Moon Bay, and finally, I found it on a map of Hong Kong. It turned out that Half Moon Bay is a small beach in Hong Kong. It is located on a small Island - Kiu Tsui Chau, Sai Kung Hoi in the city. It is a free public beach there and it has the best water quality among Hong Kong’s beaches.

Half Moon Bay, whose formal name should be Hap Mun Bay, is said to be shaped like a half-moon. That is the reason why it got its name. 

In the great heat of the weather, we 23 people departed from Shenzhen, bringing camping equipment. We started to go to camp out in Half Moon Bay beach. The route to go there was relatively easy. We exited from the Shenzhen Luohu Port, took the East Rail to Sha Tin, transferred to the No. 299 bus to the terminal station, and then we reached the Sai Kung Public Pier. We heard that in Half Moon Bay, there are no places to buy fresh water and food, so we went to the nearby supermarket in Sai Kung Public Pier to buy a lot of water and food, to prepare the dinner and breakfast the next day.

This was the second time I had been to this pier. The pier was still very busy. On weekend, many local people like to come to this place to spend the leisure time with their beloved puppy dog. I saw a lady bringing the three puppies with a small cart. The puppies were very cute, just like a little toy dog. So I ran forward shots and wanted to take photos of the dogs. The puppies were very sensitive. It immediately faced me, staring their big eyes, and then it put a pose to let me take the photos. As if to say, Oh, I'm not a toy.

Near the pier is the Sai Kung Country Park, and more Hong Kong people are walking here. There are also some people dedicated to the quayside to see the sea. A lot of people came to sit sightseeing boat or rent a boat to surf at sea. we could see cruises everywhere at Sai Kung Pier.

Sai Kung Pier has two trestles. If visitors do not take the boats, they can easily go up, until you come to the top of the bridge. The local people fished on the pier; a lot of people are taking pictures with a camera up. Standing on the trestles, you can see beautiful Sai Kung Hoi.

There are many fishing boats to go to Half Moon Bay, so the tickets are different based on different boatmen. The tickets have a different color, red, blue, white, etc. When you return, you should get on the boat on which there is the same color flag with your ticket, so make sure you get on a correct boat. In addition, the earliest boat departing to the Half Moon Bay is nine o'clock in the morning, and the latest is 6:00 pm. On weekends and holidays, the earliest boat departs at 8:00 am and the last one departs at 7:00 pm. If you just go to there for one day, be sure to ask the boatmen about the departure time of the last return, in case that you miss the last boat and can not return from Half Moon Bay. 

We boarded the ship; it traveled about 20 minutes from Sai Kung Public Pier to Kiu Tsui Chau small marina. We felt the time on the boat flies the fastest boat, because watching sea views the boat made me feel really good. Soon to Kiu Tsui Chau small dock and Half Moon Bay is at the easternmost point of it, facing the sea, so the water quality better.

On the island, we could see the water in the sea is crystal clear and herds of small fish swims upstream in the side. The water quality is said to reach the quality standards of Hong Kong and is one of the best ten public beaches in this city. Indeed, this is what we saw. Prior to this beach, we have been to many beaches in Hong Kong , in addition to Big Wave Bay and Long Ke Wan beach, there is no such a good beach better than this one. 

Closer inspection, the beach was packed with people. It is also bustling with people sunbathing, swimming, playing with sand. There were a lot of children here. So we can say many families came here to spend the weekend. I also heard a lot of people who spoke Mandarin; it seems there are many tourists from mainland of China.

Here is Hong Kong's public beach, so there is a dressing room, showers and toilets, but no fresh water. The water used for shower is dealt with seawater desalination process. It also felt a bit salty when you are taking the shower. Swimming pool was set up with shark prevention nets, raft, and there are two lifeguard observation post, as well as full-time lifeguards. Because it is one of Hong Kong's public beaches, so these services are free.

Up the hill above the beach, there was a camp with barbecue, you can barbecue and picnic there, where it was also clean, very clean. It is said here, because there is no supply of fresh water, so the provided camp is cancelled. But it does not seem to prohibit private camping for people.

When the last boat arrived Kiu Tsui Chau pier, almost all of the tourists were gone, and the beach staff were also off work, but changing rooms, showers and toilets on the beach also provided services. In addition to several of the couple on the island camping outside, the remaining people were just us. We just felt comfortable and free to go swimming, taking some pictures, and some people began to cook dinner.

After dinner, I would go swimming at the beach, but I was worried that it might be unsafe in the dark, so we did not go into the sea and just walked along the beach. Except for the sound of waves in Half Moon Bay at that time, there is nothing left. It was cool in the beach with no mosquitoes. After the walk we all went to bed and planned to get up early to watch the sunrise. 

It was kind of hot sleeping in the tent. After a couple of hour, it was about 5:00 am and a lot of people got up to wait for the sunrise. There were a lot of mosquitoes at this time, but in order to wait for the beautiful scenery, we all stood up for this situation. After a while, the sun was rising from the sea level. The light of the sun shined on the fade of the sea water, it looked beautiful. After seeing the sunrise, some of the people went back to sleep and the other people were responsible for the breakfast. 

After breakfast, the temperature increased, we quickly put away the tent, packed and waited for the first group of tourists on the island. Before leaving, we continued to go swimming for a while.

The water quality in Half Moon Bay is good, so we could see a lot of fish in the sea while swimming. We were bitted by the small fish. But it was OK. After the first boat arrived, we packed our things and took the boat to go home. This Trip was very impressive. If I got chance, I would camp out at this place again. 


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