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The most beautiful hiking trail in Hong Kong - MacLehose Trail (2)

Post Time: Oct 28 2013 By Vicky Lu

We went down to the beautiful Long Ke Harbor. We saw a lot of people on the beach playing and taking pictures. Beginning from Long Ke to Pak Tam Au, the section is regarded as the second paragraph of the MacLehose Trail. This hiking journey is about 13.5 km. It is not only 3 km longer than the first paragraph, but also is more difficult to go from the blue seas to the mountains. It need to climb a couple of mountaintops, but is also have chance to enjoy the beauty of the beach, such as the Big Wave Bay, undeveloped West Bay, Yantianwan Beach. The scenery in this place are more pleasant.

When we were walking on MacLehose Trail, we saw the walking crowd, which is quite similar to Wutong Mount in Shenzhen. Many of the people are elderly, which was really admired. Hiking in Hong Kong, we have learned a lot of outdoor manners. For example, when you saw someone coming from the opposite side, the travelers who were walking down the mountain should stand aside will give a good way for the one who is climbing up the mountain. This would give much help for the one who is walking up the mountain. For many travelers in the mainland of China, they may not pay much attention to this. So in a word, many climbers in Hong Kong are very polite.

Long Ke Wan is indeed very pure with fine white sand and no a bit of rubbish. This means not only the people here pay attention to the environment protection, but the outdoor hikers are also very aware of keeping the rubbish with them. We took all the rubbish we made, even the Fruit peels. There are no garbage cans after the Long Ke Wan, so you had to carry the rubbish with you. 

Our team came to the beach and saw immediate beauty. Everyone was excited and we took a lot of photos of the beach and waves here. And then most of people had a rest in the woods by the beach. Some people stood on the beach, staring at the sea and dazing. The water quality is very good with no pollution. In the summer, here is the best natural place for swimming. I thought next time we would come here again in summer so as to camp and swim. 

After walking through Long Ke Wan, we had to walk on the uphill road. When we turned round to look at the road we had walked, we found it very beautiful. This section was full of reed on the both sides, waving in the wind.

In about half past three in the afternoon, we arrived at a platform and saw a small pavilion. Here we saw M023 Column, which meat we had not walk through half of the trail. But we all felt very tired, so we had a rest in a small pavilion sat for a while. I felt the sea breeze blowing gently, very cool

Over the Sai Wan Shan, we had entered a hill, and it had already passed 4 o'clock. Suddenly, a beautiful landscape came in front of us, that is Big Wave Bay Beach! Although the sea fog had risen, but when the beach appeared in front of us, we all thought it very spectacular. Faced with this view, we suddenly felt a lot easier and thought all tire were worthy. 

Nearly five o'clock, when we finally went down the mountain and reached to the West Bay, where there are several grocery stores (small shops). You can buy drinks to eat, there are also toilets. Because everyone is tired, so we chose the one we arrived recently and sought some drinks and food. After had enough rest, we went on the trip.

The scenery of West Beach of Big Wave Bay was very good; the rock on the shore extends to the middle of the sea, bursts of waves hitting the rocks, thrown up high waves. Although it was already sunset, the light has a serious shortage, but we still could not help but took a few photos of this place.

Toward six o'clock in the evening, it was dark. The moon had been rising from the sea, hanging over our heads. After we climbed over the mountain, we could reach Ham Tin Wan.

Over the hill, Ham Tin Wan beach was in front of us. It was as beautiful as the several bays we saw before. I stood on the roadside rock, photographed the whole scene Ham Tin Wan at dusk. And then We went through the beach and then turned to the mountains.

Although it was dark, it was quite safe and convenient walking, for we took headlights and there are street lights on the second part of MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong coupled with the bright moonlight. This section of trail should be beautiful, but we could not appreciate it for the darkness.

In this road, we can not see any beautiful scenery but the measured mile, M45, M46, M47---
And finally at 8 o’clock, we reaches the M48 and finished the hiking. We took No.94 bus and then transferred to No. 299 to the Shangtian Railway Station. Then we took the train and went home.

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