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Sightseeing in Turpan by Chartering a Van

Post Time: Apr 23 2015 By Vanessa Li

After I arrived in Turpan, when I looked for a taxi I came across a tourist and we chimed in easily. We decided to charter a van to travel. First we went to the reserved hotel and settled our luggage then started our journey. We passed by the Flaming Mountain and directly went to Tuyuq Valley.
Turpan Train Station

Tuyuq valley located in Shanshan County, about 55 km east from Turpan city, is the most mysterious place in the west and is the holy land of Buddhism and Islam.

Tuyuq Valley is the most mysterious place in the west and is one of the world many famous historical and cultural convergence. Today, the Tuyugou Grottoes, Tuyog Mazar Aldi we see is a powerful witness. The village that has been named "China's historical and cultural village" of Tuyog Mazar village, is the oldest existing Uygur village in Xinjiang, which has more than 1700 years of history, is still preserved the oldest folk customs, and known as "folk living fossil". The ancient soil buildings in village, still showing "yellow clay culture"; Today it is holy land respected by the Muslim at home and abroad, is a painting artist dream home.
 Tuyuq valley
The ancient peaceful Uighur village located in south way out of the Grand Canyon valleys, has a history of 1700 years, and is the oldest living village in Xinjiang Uygur by far. It is distributed in the halal giant mosque tower, there are about two hundred households. This village perfectly remained ancient Uygur traditional and folk customs.
Tuyog Mazar Aldi is located in the west side of the Tuyugou Grottoes. Tuyug Mazar is China's first big Islamic holy land, namely "Mecca" of China. According to the local Muslim, before pilgrimaging to Mecca must go to Tuyog Mazar Aldi first.

Tuyuq valley is one of the deepest impressions in northwest line tour, where is very worth to visit. When we visited there was few visitors, I hope there could keep the peace as what it was at now.
After visiting Tuyuq Valley, we went to Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves.

Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, 45 km east of the Flame Mountain in Turpan city, is in the west bank of Wood Valley. It has 83 caves, the existing caves is 57.There are murals of more than 40, with a total area of 1200 square meters, is the grottoes where has the most caves in Turpan among existing grottoes.

Bezeklik Thousand Buddha CavesBezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

Gaochang ancient city was built since the first century BC, and abandoned in the thirteenth century, used for over one thousand three hundred years. It existed for more than two thousand years ago. It is the testimony of Turpan region for one thousand years vicissitudes of life.
Gaochang ancient cityGaochang ancient city

The second day, yesterday's companion headed to Urumqi in advance, so I chartered a van and continued to sightsee (where it should be cheaper).
Jiaohe city is intact relatively to Gaochang city, regardless of the size of the buildings in this city is basically use the method of "reduced the usage of land to keep wall". It was digged out down from the towering tableland surface which is characteristic.

Jiaohe city Jiaohe city

The existing Karez Well in Turpan was mostly built in succession since the Qing dynasty.
Karez WellKarez Well
It was a pity that I asked a lot of drivers and they were not willing to go to Lake Aydingkol (154 meters below sea level, is the lowest depression in our country), but travel was like this that you couldn't make everything was as you wished.

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