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Backpacker Traveling to Turpan and Urumqi

Post Time: Apr 23 2015 By Vanessa Li

In the past year, I started the first journey in my time, stayed in Kunming for a month in May, and met a friend who has a special character. In communication with her, I found that the Xinjiang is a so beautiful place, so I determined and be sure to go to Xinjiang. As a result, in July I started from Xi'an to the ancient silk road of Xinjiang, although it is very wonderful all the way but in Xinjiang, particularly splendid.

Because I am a people growing in the south of China, so at that time in the northwest, when he saw the Gobi, desert, and the prairie, I was in an upsurge. I felt the natural landscape brought me the kind of happy beyond words.
Way to Hami

► Day 1 Hami
Relative to Hami, the common impression must be lonely smoke is all the way in the desert, the round setting sun straight down the long river down. Yellow Gobi silhouette against the fiery red sun, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful picture. But very pity, we hitch a ride in the afternoon from Dunhuang, it is in the afternoon when we arrive Hami, and the second day early in the morning we go to the the highest temperature region in the inland of China - Turpan. So in Hami, we do not have much time to spend and just take a round at the local market, bought some cheap melons and fruits.
► Day 2 Turpan
On the way to Turpan in the van, the driver explains the attractions to us all the way. Arrived in Turpan, the hot wave constantly challenges our limits. We find a road near the place to live in. But for me who grows in a sultry place, the hot climate in here is bearable. Then we ate a delicious big plate sautéed chicken and went to the Turpan museum.

Way to Turpan

In Turpan Museum there are some mummies, it is because the such advantaged climate environment of Turpan basin, mummy preserved integrity is also very high, and in there, we find the exhibits of the change of the humanities, from ancient to modern times, it is quite good history presentation. And attached a few stories of the ancient city in Turpan, there are also several rooms imitated thousand-buddha cave. In fact, I am surprised by the some Uighur masters paintings exhibition on the first floor hall happened to show me and let me better understand the culture and their life, also it make me interested in their cultural life more.
After that we go to the most characteristic Grape Valley, I think this place is worthy of us to visit when in Turpan. The inside of the Uighur building and life habits is very well preserved. Almost every Uighur house inside are all different, the style of light color, decorative pattern are different, the sky is blue, the house is yellow, the vine tree is green, the sun shines on Uighurs’ red heart and sunny smile on their faces.

Grape Valley

A large grape forest and opposite of the Flaming Mountain.
Flaming Mountain Seeing from Grape Valley
I have forgotten which bus we take to Emin Minaret, but I remember in the alley there is a big populus tree said to have been dead for several hundred years. Next to Emin Minaret is Turpan king mansion. Actually, Emin Minaret is the place where people worship before, outside the tower is a big square, there is a caretaker aunt of the tower, then go further is place of prayer paved with a number of carpet, the surrounded door is the Islamic style. The overall color is khaki, next to the tower has no buildings, a distinctive small alley, a tall pavilion where going up can overlook the Emin Minaret and the surrounding scenery of vineyard.
Emin Minaret

Emin Minaret

Emin Minaret
► Day 3 Urumqi
Urumqi Diwobao airport has shuttle bus directly go to the railway station, 10 Yuan a people. In Urumqi railway station, you need to pass many security checks. Urumqi public bus is divided into two kinds, a kind of common, the other kind is BTS, if you are in a hurry, you can take BTS, because in Urumqi there is BTS accommodation lanes. Taking BTS also need security check. Knife and bottle of mineral water can not be brought when taking BTS.

Xinjiang Provincial Museum
Xinjiang province museum

Xinjiang province museum

In Urumqi my favorite is undoubtedly its province museum, 1F which include the culture of all ethnic minorities in Xinjiang like dress and custom introduction, and there are some models for your reference and many beautiful accessories and supplies.2F not only has China's most beautiful woman corpse of Loulan, and the exhibition of ancient creatures. Full of beautiful things in eyes, I think you can spend a morning time to appreciate every item inside. After watching the museum, we go to the international grand bazaar. The grand bazaar is Islamic architecture style, where you can buy lamp, kettle, and all kinds of nuts inside.


Time passed very quickly, in fact, if there were no plans I will slowly walked every street, because of the comfortable.

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