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A Date with Pretty Autumn--- Bipeng Valley in West Sichuan Province

Post Time: Jul 04 2018 By Sophie Huang

It goes to late Autumn in China in the end of October. One weekend, we went to Bipeng Valley in the West Sichuan Province with some friends for an outing. It really made us an impressive short trip.

Bipeng Valley is located in Putou town, Li County of Aba Prefecture. The valley lies in the Northern part of Mt. Siguniang in West Sichuan Province. The altitude is around 2000-5000 meters above the sea level. It is around 200 km from Chengdu. It is not very far away from the city, but it might takes around 3-4 hours by driving if the traffic is smooth as it drives in mountainous area.

Upon arriving there, try to find a clean and inexpensive local guesthouse for overnight first. We start to get off for the valley after breakfast in the guesthouse next morning. We spent one full day in the valley, in which we could see lakes, wetlands, green cypress and pine trees, yellow and red maples, snow mountain and glacier. The natural scenery of the highland in Western Sichuan Province is just like that in the fairyland.

Trekking forward along the murmuring brook to Yanziyan, we find the beautiful scenery of the valley, the golden larches growing along the stream, deep purple leaves of brambles, bright red wild fruits under sunshine, towering pines and cypress with Usnea fluttering with wind and Snow Mountains standing in the forests. We could not stop taking pictures as we were trekking.

When we got to Red Mountian Lake, which is around 3700 meters, I got serious altitude sick. I had to stop walking forward. It is a bit of pity. Even though, the breath-taking view so far has already impressed me. What a wonderful landscape with colorful lakes, magnificent snow mountains, golden and red leaves. It made us an unforgettable short outing at the weekend.

Best time for visit to Bipeng Valley: Autumn ( Middle of September to end of October)

Entrance Fee: RMB80 per person

Recommended itinerary from Chengdu: Chengdu-Taoping Qiang Village-Bipeng Valley-Miyaluo-Li County-back to Chengdu

Travel tips for hiking in Bipeng Valley at Mout. Siguniang,
- If you choose to trek in Bipend Valley, it is better to bring tent as summer is rain season
- Water-tight clothing and warm clothing are necessary as it is cold at night and early morning, even in summer
- Bring your trekking poles
- Comfortable trekking shoes
- Enough water

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