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My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake

Post Time: January 02,2013 By Lux Liu

My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake

This is the most beautiful expanse of water; nothing could be more beautiful than here.” Rock wrote the sentence in his diary. There is shrouded by peace, and this may be the last area created by the god. What a heavenly place!

My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
Lugu Lake is located between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province, about 300km away from Lijiang City.
Maybe there are not so much people know Rock, expect you are the ash grade wild tourists. Some one may happen to hear about “Rock Line”. Actually, Rock is a botanist and explorer. He is good at outdoor life. His steps covered all the places in Yunnan Province. And later, we can read the novel Lost Horizon of James Hilton and the movie, which made the world stunned by Shangri-La.
My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
When looking at the wild spread blue lie between mountains and under the sky with no end. The whole environment releases a atmosphere of tranquil. I seem to understand something. Walking marrage, Mosuo groups, matriarchal society, Yang Er are all floating clouds. All I am dreaming for is just here, the heavenly lake bank. No legend, and do not need any legend.
Here, I do not know how to describe it with worlds, as the scenes cold tell better than any words in my mind.
This is Sanggehua, a kind of flower growing beside Lugu Lake. It is so beautiful, pure, dancing with the wind.
My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
Looking at the distant green mountains in the sunshine lining with the sky, I felt so comfortable. And the island in the lake, I did not know if it was where Rock lived in.
My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
Actually, there are too many words of masters described the beauty of Lugu Lake. And the beauty even can not be described with words. It is really a place that you can not help to sing when you were here.  
From Chengdu to Xichan, and to Lige, the bus run circles by circles on the mountain. I was so regret that why I wasted my time on the way.  

My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
The isles dotted in the lake, standing in the mountains, the small boat waving on the blue water, the village lying quietly at the lakeside…. All of these are so pure, tranquil, and photos and words at that moment could not tell people all about Lugu Lake.  

My Yunnan tour to heavenly Lugu Lake
It was already afternoon. On plateau, my eyes even became pure without lots of dusk and buildings. Clouds floating above the lake seems do not want to leave just as me.  

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