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My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring

Post Time: Jan 13 2014 By Vanessa Li

At the vast territory of China, there are numerous places to see canola flower. In last spring, we went to Luoping ten thousand mu canola flower fields, which are reputed as the canola flower "originator".
No one know since when, people begin to be so fascinated to the the most common canola flower. From January to March, the period of the recovery of all things, we sniffed canola flower’s unique local flavor, walking into the countryside to capture the bright "yellow" feast.
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring
For the Luoping canola flower, I've known for several years, but have no chance to see. Until last year, I went here, but it is already after flowering, and cauliflower is shedding seed. However, the scenery of the green and yellow fields is still very beautiful and shocking to me.
Walking into the canola flower fields, you will smell the flavor of happiness.
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring
Among Jinji peaks, there are people selling honey, which just get from beehive.
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring
 Bee milk
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring

The endless rape field
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring

Golden Sea
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring
Laborious Bees, the host of the fields
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring 

So beautiful
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring

Jinji Peaks
 My Impressive Luoping Tour in Spring
Three recommended spots to see Luoping canola flower:
1. Jinji Peaks:
Jinji Peaks is the visiting card of Luoping canola flowers, and also the propaganda card of Luoping tourism. Standing on Jinji Peaks, overlooking the numerous canola flower fields, which is very grand and amazing. It is the most grand scene of canola flower fields. Jinji Peaks is about 12 km away from Luoping downtown, which can be reached by regular buses.
2. Screw Fields
Snail fields is a large scale terraces located 10 km away from northwest of Luoping County. The terraces here are in circle, which looking like the lira of screw.
3. Duoyi River Scenic Area
From Luoping to Duoyi River Scenic Area, there are lots of canola flower fields, scattering between houses and hills. Driving along the road, each bend is total different scenery.
Transportation Tips:
There are regular buses to each scenery spots. However, it is recommended to self-driving, as during our trip, we can stop at everywhere with beautiful sceneries.
Best time:
The best time to see the canola flowers is in spring, before the late March.

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