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My impression trip to Qiandongnan Region in Guizhou

Post Time: Aug 01 2014 By Sophie Huang

Qiandongnan Region, meaning the southeastern area of Guizhou, is the most famous minority area in China. The capital of this region is Kali. And till 2012, the minorities lived here covereing Miao, Dong, Han, Buyi, Shui, Yao, Zhuang, Tujia, etc.. Totally 33 minorities.

And this trip is my third time to Qiandongnan Area. Although had been here for more than 1 time, the extremely beautiful scenery just printed in my mind as I saw it only in yesterday. I must say, Qiandongnan may be a place influenced in my lifetime.

♦ Xijiang

Xijiang Hundreds of Miao Minority Families Village (西江千户苗寨) is under the administrated of Leishan County of Qiandongnan Region. It is a hometown of Miao minority. Although the village named “hundreds of Miao minority families”, but it’s named because of its architecture. The architectures here are stilt houses. And the countless houses make a scene that more than hundreds of families are living here. And these houses cover the whole hill and form into an amazing scenery. 

The rice terrace near the entrance of Xijiang was amazing when I saw first time. But when I went further into Xijiang region, I discovered more beautiful one than it.

 Xijiang Miao Village, as the most famous place in Qiandongnan Region, is developed well, and also, on the opposite side, very commercial. So remember one sentence “travel is a thing the earlier the better”. 

♦ Zhenyuan

Zhenyuan is another famous attraction in Qiandongnan Region. Close to Hunan Province, it is an ancient town as well as a hometown for many famous people in the past.

If your travel time not falls in a festival period, this town is a lovely place. At night, Zhenyuan becomes an enchanting lady. The lights along Wuyang River are lighted up, looked like a scenery in Jiangnan (Yangtze River South Region).
I prefer Zhenyuan’s scenery in daytime. More like a quiet lady.

♦ Liping

Liping is also an ancient town. This place is famous for a meeting named “Liping Metting” in CPC’s history. From Zhenyuan to Liping, we will meet a small village called Longli on the way. This village was once a small castle in Ming Dynasty. The surprising thing is that it has been kept till now without any renovation. 

♦ Congjiang

Congjiang is connecting Guangxi Province. It is the most remote country in Qiandongnan Region. But for me, it is the most beautiful place. Xiaohuang area, Moon hill (not the one in Yangshuo) area, even the Zaoxing is divided into Congjiang County. Xiaohuang area is famous for the Dong minority song. But I was lucky enough to enjoy this song in Zhaoxing. The melody is so beautiful. From Liping to Congjiang, the rape flower fiends are also charming.

The road back to Congjiang County, we met a rice terrace.

♦ Zaoxing

Zaoxing is another place I liked. It is connected with Sanjiang in Guangxi. Continue from Sanjiang, you will meet Longji Rice Terrace and Yangshuo. I enjoyed the Dong minority song in Zaoxing.
Villagers are preparing a banquet for a wedding ceremony.

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