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Do you Known What the Most Popular Bar Streets in Shanghai Are?

Post Time: Jun 05 2015 By Vicky Lu

Shanghai is a sleepless city in China. Nightlife in this city is quite rich. While touring in Shanghai, except for visit tourist attractions in the day in Shanghai, what else would you do at night? Yes, shopping or relax yourself in a bar. You can easily find shopping malls in downtown Shanghai. But do you what the most popular bar streets in Shanghai are?

Hengshan Road

Hengshan Road is the largest bar street in Shanghai, it is more like Sanlitun in Beijing. It is a stylized and romantic street in this metropolis. One end of Hengshan raod connects with Xujiahui, and here gathers quite a large number of young white-collar workers. And another end is next to the embassy district and exclusive residential area, where inhabits large numbers of foreign workers. Of course, because it is closed to foreign consulate area, so exotic environment can be found here and bar business is booming. Hengshan Road would be the best place to enjoy nightlife in Shanghai. 
Maoming South Road 

One the most wonderful part of Shanghai tour would be its night view and night life. Compared to Hengshan Road, Maoming South Road is actually much quieter, you can more enjoy yourself hhere. As this area belongs to the French Concession, so here still retains romance of France in that time.

Tongren Road

Tongren Road is adjacent to Shanghai Centre Shopping Mall, Portman Hotel and other Grade A office space. The whole Tongren Road bar street is full of European style pubs. The most intensive part would be near Yan'an Zhong Road. There is a unique feature of this bar street. Bars offer a variety of catering, mainly Western-style food, which make Tongren Road bar street seem quieter and quainter.

The Bund

Nostalgia and enjoyful River night view is the subject of this bar street. The bund is the landmark attraction in Shanghai, there are many open-air bars, where you can overlook the spectacular scenery of the Bund. Bars here aim to offer high-end service. One can enjoy fine wine and enjoy the high quality of life.

Price in bars: consumption of per capita is generally between RMB 50-60, unless you have a good appetite. Bars inside hotel are much higher. The highest is Pu Jin Disco bar in Mao Tower. RMB100 entrance ticket is charged. And in a Café on 54-story of the building, it charges RMB 88 for a cup of coffee.
Features: most of bars serve both Chinese and Western food. There are all kinds of books, like in a restaurant.
Hours: bars general open to business at noon and closing time is 2:00 am at midnight. Some bars have interval break from 16: 00 to 17: 00.
public security in Shanghai is good. Even girls strolling at night is very safe, and this is one of the reasons that nightlife in Shanghai is so rich.
Always find out the price of everything before ordering. If you suspect anything get it written down so there can be no “misunderstandings”. If you are offered a private room, check that it does not have an exorbitant price attached.

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