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Detailed Travel Guide of Jiayuguan Tour

Post Time: Jun 05 2015 By Vanessa Li

Jiayuguan Transport

♦ Transport

. How to arrive in Jiayuguan: the transportation of Jiayuguan is convenient; there is the plane, train, and bus so it is very convenient.
2. Transportation from Airport to city: Jiayuguan Airport is located in the nine kilometers northeast of Jiayuguan, Hegou village Xincheng township. Because there is a few flights, so there is no air shuttle bus of fixed time. But there are 20 seats minibuses, after each flight arrived, the bus will depart from airport to downtown city while the bus is full of people, and its price is 15 Yuan. If you are pressed for time, you can take a taxi to downtown which costs about 20 Yuan.
3. Transport from downtown to the various scenic spots:
(1) to Qiyi Glacier:
Method one: (suitable for about 4 people)
Qiyi Glacier is 116 kilometers away from downtown, chartering a bus to Qiyi Glaicier now become the only way that it takes 500 yuan to charter a bus of single way needs two and a half hours. There are many taxis waiting at the gate of the railway station, people can go to bargain with the driver. And because Qiyi Glacier is in the depths of the Qilian Mountain, so the best advantage of chartering bus is that you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Qilian Mountain along the way, and it is really very beautiful. And another advantage of chartering bus will be that on the way to glacier people can see Jiayuguan towers and do not need to spend 120 Yuan for tickets.
Method 2: (more suitable for 1 to 2 people, it is not cost-effective by chartering bus if there are fewer people)
When in peak season (May to October) tourists can take the train 7529 from Jiayuguan to Mount Tiejingshan which departs at 6:00 in the morning, the ticket price is 4.5 Yuan, after the train there is scenic sightseeing car sent to the glacier. From Tiejingshan railway station to the scenic area is 25 kilometers, one round-trip fare ticket is 200 Yuan (101 Yuan for tickets), and after the visit, the sightseeing car will drive you back to Tiejingshan railway station. And then you can take train departs at 18:00 p.m. back to Jiayuguan. During off-season you need to make a phone call to ask the Qiyi Glacier Office if there is any sightseeing car.
(2) to Jiayuguan Gate Tower: a taxi from downtown to Jiayuguan scenic area only need 10 Yuan, after the visit out of the back door to walk 500 meters there are 4 buses back to downtown. If you want to save money, of course, also you can go to take public bus no.4 for just 1 Yuan.
(3) to the First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall: in urban areas 7 kilometers of the southwest, there is no public transportation, chartering car to go there and back needs 40 Yuan.
(4) to the Overhanging Great Wall: it is in the 12 km northwest of the city, there is no public transportation, chartering car to go there and back needs 50 yuan.
(5) Weijin Tomb Murals: it is in the new town 18 km away from downtown, chartering car to go there and back needs 60 Yuan.
♦ Attractions
► 1. Qiyi Glacier: ticket for 101 Yuan, you can enjoy the Qilian mountain scenery along the way3., it is worth to recommend.

Qiyi GlacierQiyi Glacier

► 2. Jiayuguan Gate Tower: 120 Yuan of ticket, it is a symbol of Jiayuguan. Outside the main entrance can not see the tower so if people who want to see the tow
ers must buy a ticket.

Jiayuguan Gate TowerJiayuguan Gate Tower
► 3. Weijin Tomb Murals: ticket for 160 Yuan, it is located in new town about 18 kilometers of east of Jiayuguan city. In nearly 13 square kilometers of the region distributed the ancient tombs in Wei dynasty and Jin dynasty of more than one thousand tombs, which known as the "underground gallery". During 1972 to 1979, 18 tombs were successively excavated, 9 for portrait brick tomb, and other 9 for plain brick tombs. The tomb no. 5 in May 1973 was moved to Gansu province Museum. It is very worth a visit for people who like history.

Weijin Tomb MuralsWeijin Tomb Murals
► 4. the First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall: ticket for 22 Yuan, it is located in the 7 kilometers south of Jiayuguan pass and apart from the Qilian Snow Peak by river. It is the first starting point of Great Wall west in the Ming dynasty.

the First Beacon Tower of the Great Wallthe First Beacon Tower of the Great Wall
► 5. Overhanging Great Wall: ticket for 21 yuan, about 14 kilometers away from downtown, is a part of Jiayuguan military defense system.
♦ Accommodation
Jiayuguan city area is not large, it is just a immigrant city built for JISCO group, but urban infrastructure is fairly good, and there are cheap, middle and high end hotels, even during the holidays it is not a problem to find a more comfortable guest room, so the following only introduces several recommended hotels from the internet:
Jiayuguan city

► 1. Jiugang hotel (high-grade)
It is 4 star hotel, one of the best local hotels with good location, large parking lot, the quiet environment, and is convenient for shopping and having meals. Its internal decoration, equipment and service all meets 4 star standards. Watching the sunset on the semicircle balcony is very enjoyable. Standard rooms during off-season cost just 200 RMB after getting discount, and during golden week a standard room is 390 Yuan.
► 2. Jiayuguan Statehouse (middle grade)
It is a hotel that delicate decorated. Across the street is Jiayuguan long-distance bus station, the king size bed is 150 Yuan of no discount, which is cost effective, and its residential satisfaction is second to none on the Internet.
► 3. Bestay Hotel Express Jiayuguan Lanxin Road branch: high cost performance (recommended)
It is a budget inn of Jinjiang Inn Groupp, although the room is not big, but very clean and neat, and it provides air conditioning, bathroom, TV etc. The hotel has single rooms, double rooms, bunk beds, Tatami rooms and so on many great characteristic rooms.

Hotel is located in Lanxin road no.638 (interchange of Lanxin road and Wuyi middle road) in Yongxin block, near business street Xinhua Road, Xiongguan square and Fuqiang market (building no.14). The traffic around hotel is very convenient, 5 km from the railway station, 3 kilometers from bus station, and is 15 kilometers apart from the airport. Single room and Tatami room 89 Yuan, bunk beds for 99 Yuan and double room for 109.
♦ Itinerary
Because there are too many beautiful sceneries on the Hexi corridor, and Jiayuguan is just a pearl on this necklace, so a day tour to Jiayuguan is enough.

Jiayuguan Map

One Day Natural Tour:
Chartering a minibus to Qiyi Glacier in the morning, appreciating the beauty of the Qilian mountain along the way. After visit glacier and return to the city, people can watc the sunrise in Jiayuguan tower.

One Day Humanity Landscape Tour
Chartering a minibus to Weijin Tomb Murals in the morning, and to the First Beacon Towers of Great Wall and Overhanging Great Wall scenic spots at noon; in the afternoon going to Jiayuguan Gate Tower to see the sunrise.
Best Time to Jiayuguan
Jiayuguan is given priority to with humanities landscape, natural landscape is complementary, so all the year round tourists can visit Jiayuguan. But if you want to go to the Qiyi Glacier, it is the best to visit in summer, after October the road to Qilian Mountain may be covered by snow which is easy to slip and drivers are not willing to go there.

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