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Interesting Things to Do in Shanghai

Post Time: Jun 08 2015 By Vicky Lu

Entertainment activities in Shanghai are quite abundant. Cinemas, various themed parks with modern facilities and natural beauty, all kinds of festivals, etc. will make your trip quite full of things to do. Shanghai, as the birthplace of Chinese cinema and one of the world's nine festival venues, has many cinemas with top audio-visual equipments, and where you can feel the unparalleled film-viewing if you are interested in Chinese films. If you are star fans, then in Shanghai, a series of world-class art venues and theaters definitely let you feast for the eyes.

Chenghuangmiao Temple Fair in Lantern Festival

Time: before and after the Lunar New Year Lantern Festival
Location: Chenghuangmiao Old Temple

Every year before and after the Lantern Festival (the fifteenth day of Lunar New Year), front doors of many households in Chenghuangmiao will hang different size of cornucopia, downwind boats, lotus, bats, butterflies, toads, etc., which are made from glass or paper, or coloured lanterns or lamps shaped in rabbit, crab, carp, clam shells, hydrangeas, windmills and other things. Even in Yuyuan hands many lanterns. In streets, there is also many fantastic folk performances and fold arts to show for you.

Shanghai F1 Races

: Shanghai International Circuit

F1 is short of Formula 1. The cars which are made out of common equation (rules limit) is called formula car. Among them, F1 is the highest rating. In car racing field, the status of F1 is comparable to "Olympic Games" or "World Cup". Usually, F1 starts from middle March and the season ends in middle November. Each race attracts more than one billion people to watch this world-class event through television or other media.

Shanghai International Film Festival

Time: in June every year, for a period of nine days
Location: Shanghai

Shanghai International Film Festival was founded in 1993. It is a Class A film festival, that belongs to non-specialized type of competition film festival. The highest honor of each Shanghai International Film Festival, "Jin Jue Award", eight awards of it are reviewed by international jury from all over the world. Shanghai International Film Festival consists of four main activities: "Jin Jue Award" international film award, international film screenings, international film market trade and Jin Jue International Film Forum & "Asian New Star Award". This annual Shanghai International Film Festival is undoubtedly a long-awaited movie pilgrimage for Shanghaiers and audience from neighboring cities.

Shanghai Art Fair

Date: 16-20 November every year.
Location: 99 Xingyi Road, Shanghai Mart

Shanghai Art Fair was founded in 1997. It has more than a thousand galleries or art brokerage organizations from more than 30 countries and regions participating in the fair, nearly more than 80,000 pieces of art works was showed or trade in the fair. And original debut works of many world-renowned masters of were showed in Shanghai Art Fair.

Shanghai Jazz Festival

Every October, the Shanghai Jazz Festival just opened its curtain. Many bands from around the world gathered in Shanghai, vowing to bring visual feast to audiences. Since its inception in 2004, it has attracted much attention. If you are a fan of jazz music, you can go and have a look.

Shanghai Tourism Festival

Date: every year in mid-September - early October
Official Website: http: //www.tourfest.org/

Worth seeing opening parade floats opens the curtain annual Shanghai Tourism Festival. The parade floats includes performing groups from many different countries and regions around the world, dancing and singing all the way along Huaihai Road. Since then, the parade float team will perform in the city's districts and counties during Shanghai Tourism Festival, and the public can also voted the most beautiful float. During the festival, major scenic spots will also enjoy discount tickets.

Listening to jazz at CJW

Add: Xintiandi, 123 Lane, Xingye Road, Luwan District, Shanghai

CJW Xintiandi Shanghai hires professional jazz musicians from home and abroad to offer visual feasts for audiences. They plays Jazz, Soul, Blues, R&B, funk (Funk) and other musical styles, lazy or jumping rhythm of music adds a casual but warm atmosphere, so distinguished guests can relax and enjoy while dining.

Jazz Performance times are as follows:
Sunday - Thursday: 8: 45 pm-12: 20am
Friday - Saturday: 8:45 pm-01:15am

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