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My Gourmet Tour in Chongqing

Post Time: Jun 18 2015 By Vanessa Li

5 days eating 17 restaurants, this is definitely gourmet tour in Chongqing! Apart a few years and then go to the same city, people can produce different feeling, this is not only related to the development of the city, but also associated with your own knowledge accumulation and state of mind.
Chongqing Night View

After check-in, we hailed a cab straight to the south of the "Starlight Place". A few days later my shopping experience made me felt that this should be the best shopping mall in Chongqing. And going there was for a Japanese fast food: Azabusabo.
Starlight Place
► First: Azabusabo
Azabusabo comes from Japan, so it can be understood as a Japanese fast food restaurant, but compared to the staple food, apparently its ice cream is more impressed. Teriyaki Chicken Rice and hot sesame catsup cold noodle is soso which materials are fine but the sauce is not good. Matcha red bean as a signature dish it ice cream is thin... mango smoothie is very good that has strong enough taste and not too sweet. But tofu salad is not good, its flavor is only hot and not salty, and it dices chunk.

► Second and Third: Nenlü Tea & The Lorca
Nenlü Tea looks bright, pure and fresh, its tea style cake looks pretty. Actually I was positively full for lunch, I need to drink black coffee to digest, but only find the hot drink so-called teappucino – that is milk tea! People can try it. I went to the cafe next door to buy coffee takeout that is the Lorca. Baked tea cheese cake is good, and it is full of tea flavor and I like it very much; Sakura Daifuku bean paste filling tastes also good.

Nenlü Tea The Lorca

► Fourth: Fanbatuo (饭粑跎)
Before I go to Chongqing I collected some restaurants. Fanbatuo that I don't know the name meaning, in fact, is not far from the place where we live and it you know the way, it is just ten minutes distance, but need to walk a long stair which is a mountain city characteristics.
I ordered the pig’s intestines braise in soy sauce and meat without bone. The former has heavy red oil and fragrance, radish also tasty; meat without bone to me is too small that it is not to satisfy to eat less. Compared to meat, my favorites are vegetables! Double pepper with eggplant and turnip strip season is too great, the former is appetizing while the latter is seasoned by sweet flavor. Bean soup is also my favorite. This is super cheap to eat here, per capita is just 20 RMB!


► Fifth and Sixth: Cool Cake (cake made of glutinous rice served cold in summer) in Food Street & Harp Irish Pub
Cool Cake is a famous snack in Sichuan, its taste is sweet and soft, fresh and delicious, and eating in summer is cool and refreshing.
Harp Irish Pub can make Mexico meal, in fact, it has no difference with others bars. Cocktail, foreign beer is 35 to 40 RMB. I think its Cocktail species are many. Its tequila sunrise is so-so; the "metropolitan" is indeed sour and sweet, and chocolate stout after taste is chocolate.
As a whole it is a quiet bar, the big screen plays sports news. In such a hot day that can let a person heatstroke, I really don't have the gut to sit in outdoor cafes to eat and drink like the other guests.

► Eighth: Qiqi Eel Hotpot (齐齐鳝鱼火锅)
It is a quite famous hotpot brand in Chongqing, especially full of people at night, and customers often need to wait in line for eating.

Hot pot there is in rich flavor. People who can't eat spicy can try Yuanyang pot, or hotpot inside a pot that is clear soup. People who love the spicy food do not miss the red oil hot pot that taste especially authentic. The eel is the characteristics of this restaurant, it is fresh and tender and it is worth a try. Other dishes are also good with affordable price, basically vegetable plate is 5 Yuan, and meat is 16-20 Yuan. 
Qiqi Eel Hotpot
► Ninth: Xiaobinlou (小滨楼)
Xiaobinlou was recommended by my friend, it is said that now it trying to revive old Chongqing snacks. But after I ate it, I felt the dishes were improved Shanghai style...Otherwise how the dishes could sweeter than hotter? (Shanghai food tends to be sweet and Chongqing food tends to be spicy)
Xiaobinlou Xiaobinlou
► Tenth: Costa
I don’t like the coffee here. Every time I order its fancy coffee and I was thinking about I won’t go to the store next time. I ordered black coffee for cooling off, the decaffeinated black coffee taste ok, not very light taste. But latté is general. New product mango coconut cake was pretty good.

Costa Coffee
► Eleventh: Jiuyuan Steamed Food Restaurant (九园蒸味馆)
I tasted the signature dishes sauce (meat) buns and sesame sugar buns, the former flavor is heavier, the latter is more high praised, belong to the level of "if I live in this city I will buy for breakfast".

Jiuyuan Steamed Food Restaurant Jiuyuan Steamed Food Restaurant
► Twelfth: Heizhenbao (黑珍煲)
When it comes to spring chicken, people always mentioned Nanshan spring. But our local friends said it was not very good so he recommended us to go to Fu Shou Lou Jiu Lou, one of famous local restaurants in Chongqing.

I did not look forward to it, unexpectedly, I thought its spring chicken was good. Spring chicken was cut too small pieces but it was tasty, and weight is just right.
► Thirteenth: Huashi Soy Bean Paste Noodle with Pea
The real Chongqing small noodle is without topping, just like the plain noodle of Huashi restaurant. But generalized small noodle includes Soy Bean Paste Noodle with Pea, Soy Bean Paste Noodle, and Beef Noodle.
Huashi Soy Bean Paste Noodle with PeaHuashi Soy Bean Paste Noodle with Pea
► Fourteenth: He San Na (和散那)
Ciqikou ancient town at 9 o’clock had so many people, so I quickly found a cafe to get away from the crowd. We found here (was not far from the river) and went into it.
The shopkeeper said that they couldn’t do smoothies in the morning, only got soft drinks like coffee and tea. Ice mocha more like an ice latte, and it was too light that I did not need to worry about I couldn’t go to sleep at night. Handwritten menu with guestbook was convenient and special.

He San NaHe San Na

► Fifteenth & Sixteenth: Glutinous Rice Cake & Toasted Glutinous Rice Cake
The first restaurant was not my collection, but I also felt it tasted good, with brown sugar it felt a bit like San Da Pao (sticky rice ball, a kinds of Sichuan snacks).
Second restaurant has sweet and salty two optional tastes. I bought the former one but I did not eat while it was hot, so it became hard already, but still sticky and sweet.
Glutinous Rice Cake Toasted Glutinous Rice Cake
► Seventeenth: Sansan Hotpot (三三火锅)
We all thought that Sansan hotpot was more hot and spicy than Qiqi Eel hotpot, especially later we needed some ice water to relieve hot. About Chongqing saucer is very pure, it is just a bowl oil and mashed garlic. At first I also worry that the taste would be too simple, but after eating I found that hotpot should be eaten in this way so that without being annexed by the flavor of the saucer, the food tasted more original.

Sansan Hotpot Sansan Hotpot

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