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Different Northwestern Tour to Jiayuguan

Post Time: Jun 03 2015 By Vanessa Li

Mentioned travel to northwest China, most visitors will think of Gobi, the vast desert, golden populus forest, camel caravan...All this has become history. Traveling to the Hexi corridor Gansu province's second largest commercial tourism city Jiayuguan, people will go to see which characteristics of scenic spots? Great Wall museum, Qiyi glacier tourism comprehensive scenic spot, magnificent ancient city of Jiayuguan, Overhanging Great Wall these well-known but for most people are new and profound scenic spots; In addition, how much do you know about this historical and cultural tourism city Jiayuguan?

I made the Jiayuguan characteristic tourist line for myself: Jiayuguan ancient city (Jiayuguan Pass - Ming Great Wall - General Guerrilla House, stage - Jiayuguan old street – Xiongguan square characteristic business circle - Jiayuguan lakeside line, etc.)
On the first day morning, I visited the historical and cultural museum in the city. Jiayuguan city museum is located in the south area of Xiongguan square. Its facade is modeling of Jiayuguan city wall, mainly display the development of Gobi new city Jiayuguan from ancient to present; The museum also has a domestic first-class 4D cinema and leisure garden, which is a modernized museum gathered propaganda, education, tourism, leisure, and other functions as a whole.
Jiayuguan city museum

Presumably travelers and backpackers are familiar with Jiayuguan ancient towers in Ming dynasty. But a lot of visitors during a visit to towers, often ignored an important scenic spot - the atrical stage which was built by Jiayuguan guerrilla general Daishiyi in 57th years during Qianlong period Qing dynasty (1792 AD), and it was the entertainment venue for officers and soldiers, city residents and businessmen in that time.
Jiayuguan ancient performance stage
This is Jiayuguan river line. The colorful sunset accompanied by modern western ecological city – Jiayuguan which let a person hard to imagine that once it was the battlefield in ancient time. Across the river is the Jiayuguan cultural center: library, recreation square, Jiayuguan music hall, etc.;
Here is the shopping center of Jiayuguan riverside, this is Jiayuguan first riverside shopping center. Across the river is characteristic of ecological protection.
This is Jiayuguan city meteorological center, Jiayuguan is one of the characteristics architectures of the East lake scenic area!
Jiayuguan city meteorological center

The white clouds in the blue sky in different modeling, ancient Jiayuguan ancient city with the reed lake is telling the history of the vicissitudes of life, and going forward in the future!

This is the Jiayuguan general guerrilla house, the historical figure reflects the hardship of development of the Gobi new city Jiayuguan. This is one of the essential characteristics of scenic spot when visit to Jiayuguan!

Food is indispensable to a part of the tourism, let me introduce you to Jiayuguan characteristic food and snacks:
In Jiayuguan Wei and Jin dynasties in the tomb bricks there was kebab drawing, this kind of food have appeared in the northwest long time ago. Kebabs are very popular snacks to the northwest Xinjiang region, it can be seen everywhere in the urban, rural and street.


Jiayuguan kebabs are slightly different with Lanzhou, Xining and other places on approach, when you eat it drink with a nice sweet and sour apricot water; and there is a characteristics snack in Jiayuguan – Shaokezi (a Chinese style baked roll)

Features: it is a traditional pasta of Yugu nationality. It is made by flour with a roll like stew pan and then puts it into cooking pot, buries in the burned sheep manure of the fire, and heats them in all directions, until it becomes yellow-bright, then it will taste sweet and crisp.


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