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TCT Story – Memory of 2011 Kunming International Travel Mart (1)

Post Time: Nov 04 2011 By Sophie Huang

Last month, Top China Travel Agency had a trip to Kunming for the 2011 Kunming International Travel Mart which was held between Oct 28 to 30. During these three days, I had a deeply touch with Kunming – the spring city in China.
Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province in the southwestern China, famous as a spring city because the temperature here is always around 20C all year around. But I really felt dry in this place may be cause of its comparatively higher altitude. The sunlight was strong so that all the skins should be covered by anti-sunburn scream.
We arrived in Kunming at the night around 10 o’clock on Oct 26. The temperature here was mild so that we could not put on very thick coats even in this late autumn period. The friendly climate left us a good first impression. Only about 20 minutes from Kunming international airport to our accommodated hotel Kunming Hotel, that means Kunming is a small city which could get around within a few time. This situation made me think about my hometown Guilin, the same size with Kunming.
In the following paragraphs, I will list my impression of Kunming which were caused my curiosity.
Transportation in Kunming
Because of the construction project, the transportation in Kunming was disorder during in my Kunming trip. Many roads are forbidden to turn left or right, this situation caused us confused to get a taxi in the correct direction.
People in Kunming
The colors of Kunming people’s skins were deep because of the strong sunlight all year around. They were also in leisure paces, the same situation with Guilin people. And the dialect there, also possesses the same pronunciation system with Guilin dialect.
The very very very important thing is to pay attention to the sunburn situation. Also it is a city with average temperature about 20C all year around, the strong sunlight could not be ignored. The most comfortable thing in Kunming trip may be the light package, just carry some long-sleeve shirts and jeans, as well as a jacket for wearing in the night. And you will have no anxious about the extremely temperature change in a short time.

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