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TCT Story - Memory of 2011 Kunming International Travel Mart (2)

Post Time: Nov 16 2011 By

Continue our Kunming tour from 27 to 28 Oct, the major thing Top China Travel Agency had done in these two days was being an advisor of visitors in 2011 Kunming International Travel Mart.
Put on our suits and got up in the early morning, Candy and I took a taxi the the Kunming International Exhibition Center. Good transportation condition in the early morning time so that we could get to our destination within 20 min.
Top China Travel was in No. 2 expo pavilion. Did you meet with us during that day?
About China International Travel Mart
CITM is held in Shanghai and Kunming, alternatively, each year. As the largest professional travel mart in Asia, CITM has drawn the attention of people in the tourism industry worldwide. The CITM Organizing Committee is sparing no effort to invite, through various channels, buyers with strong competitiveness from China and other countries and regions in the world, to participate in the mart. Strict participation conditions and invitation procedures guarantee the quality of buyers, so that the participants will enjoy the great benefits at CITM.
2011 Kunming Travel Mart attracted lots of famous travel agency as well as tourism organizations together. Today we introduced to you some China’s stands.

One of the most impressive pavilions for me was Jiangsu stand. It was decorated with the very traditional Suzhou Garden Style. Some huge Chinese paintings and natural scenery pictures of Jiangsu were hanging on the wall, aiming to make a leisure life of this special place.
Shanghai stand also let me unforgettable. The whole stand planned to let visitors have a nostalgic smell. Red brick gate, old Shanghai rickshaw, Shanghai Bund style rest area, all of these had make me love Shanghai deeply.

Guizhou stand was decorated by its ethnic culture. Applied the minority factors such as the handicraft art and the minority dressing art, we were enter into a world of Chinese minorities.
Macau stand was designed to represent its culture of Ruins of St. Paul. Also, I could find a modern style in this design. People who have been to Macau may know that there are lots of world historical sites in this place. Very traditional Macau culture has been still kept till the present time.

Beijing Stand covered a large area which was double than many other stand. Still decorated with its famous cultural factors, including Peking Opera and Forbidden City, we paid a visit to this stand in a late time so that it was not many people here.
The next article about this travel mart will introduce Top China Travel Agency experience in international pavilion. Do you anticipate it?

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