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Meet Jiangnan Style in Suzhou Pingjiang Road

Post Time: Dec 12 2012 By Sophie Huang

Pingjiang Road is located in the city center of Suzhou, close to the Guanqian Street and near the Suzhou University. The traffic in this road is extremely convenient. A large number of old-fashioned houses are preserved in Pingjiang Road. Walking into the Pingjiang Road, an historical atmosphere sprayed into our face. The houses on the west are mostly built by the riverway. You can find all kinds of old houses everywhere. You may not feel surprised that this tourist city has kept such historic district, however, you will be amazed at its beauty slowly.

On both sides of the street, there appeared storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect and Kunqu opera. Walking through the road as if walking in the corner of history, we felt quiet and peaceful. Ancient buildings could be seen everywhere, which are well-preserved. The road was built with bluestone brick, white walls and gray tiles, wooden palisade and flower windows, ancient patterns carved wall tiles, the mottled wooden doors and window frames, which had light and clear style. We liked the characteristic shops and quaint pavilions on the street very much, which were slightly moved into some modern features. Each store was unique, which was worth your stop to watch.
We always hurry in various chore and our mind has been exhausted. We lose myself and we always are on edge. The pace of our life has been accelerated all the time. Perhaps such a peaceful and carefree road filled with exotic life can bring us a moment to relaxation, gave us the rest and comfort for the moment.

Because of the relatively narrow alley, cars could not pass through this street. This road was so peaceful in the morning. The golden yellow sunshine here was very attractive; a lazy day began. A small bridge over the flowing stream and folk houses, this is a typical Jiangnan water village style.

Morning Pingjiang, quiet and comfortable.

An old man is eating breakfast and leisurely listening to the radio on the side of the street.

We liked these stores' signs LOGO, which has rich ethnic characteristics.

Tea set combination in the show window


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