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Luzhi Watertown – A Land in My Mind for Ten Years

Post Time: Sep 16 2011 By Maggie Qin

The first time when I been to Luzhi was ten years ago, but unfortunately, Luzhi was rebuilding at that time. I couldn’t feel any beauty of this famous water town. So I came back to enjoy this poetic and leisure ancient town.

Luzhi is located in the east of Suzhou, Jiangshu Province. It’s about 50km from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, just 1 hours drive.
Luzhi used to be named Fuli in the ancient time, a famous poet “Lu Guimeng” was living here, he was known as “Fuli”, hence Luzhi used to be named Fuli. And later “Fuli” was called “Luzhi”.
Walking at Luzhi, flagging, rivers, alleys, local shops and bridges are leaping into your eyes. Also, you could find some famous snacks on the way at Luzhi. Stinky Tofu, Pumpkin Cake, Traditional Chinese rice-pudding… Wow, yummy yummy!

All the boats are paddled by women here. They wear traditional ethnic clothing and embroidered shoes. I believe all the people will fall in love with this poetic and fantastic ancient town.
There are so many places of historic in Luzhi, the most worthy visit one is Baosheng Temple, which was built in 503.
There are still 9 clay sculpture arhats in the temple.

Out off the temple, there are 2 clocks, one was made in Tang Dynasty and another one was made in Ming Dynasty.

One of his famous novel mentioned the Wansheng Rice Store is at the other side of the river. This rice store was well known for the people because of this novel as well.
Wansheng Rice Store now is a small museum of agriculture. Wooden counter, abacus, bucket, bamboo crate, etc are showing here. Varied of farm tools are showing the ancient agriculture and customs in the ancient time.
Many things will be changed in ten years, but Luzhi, this ancient town is like a graceful woman, still quiet and lovely. Time can steal our beautiful face, but couldn’t take away our concinnity.

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