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Looking for "the origin of life" in Guilin Silver Cave

Post Time: May 06,2013 By Vanessa Li

Sliver Cave is a karst land feature cave which is located in Lipu, Guilin. It is glittering and translucent, spotless and flawless, just like the Milky Way in the night sky which is shining like the silver, hence, it got its name "Sliver Cave". Once noticed that there was "the origin of life" in the Sliver Cave. In order to meet my curiosity, I was looking forward to discover the essence of "the origin of life" when I was wandering in the cave.

With my curiosity, I walked into to the Silver Cave, found that the cave was deep and mystical. There was a stream in it which is clear with fishes swimming in it. Both sides of the stream were graceful and charming like the world of myth making me relaxed and happy. People always said that the views of the Silver Cave is magnificent, miraculous, deep and beautiful. I really experienced this in this trip. The grotesque stalactite was in thousands of postures and as natural as though it were living, looking from a distance, it was like a wide, cold and deep palace, or like gold and silver pagodas, or like snow mountain and waterfall. Suddenly, one stalactite mapped into my eyes which was towering under the dim lights. Maybe this was the legendary "the origin of life".

Passing by ‘the origin of life’, I was still going across the colorful world in the Sliver Cave. The karsts style of the caves made me feel surprised and the bright and colorful stalactite made me exclamatory. Gradually, I enjoy myself so much in the natural extremely fine craftsmanship as to forget to leave.

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