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Lantern Festival in Shanghai Chenghuangmiao

Post Time: May 03 2013 By Sophie Huang

Old words said, ‘Firecracker for New Year’s Eve and lantern for Lantern Festival.’ It was another Lantern Festival. We would have glue puddings and watch lanterns in the evening. The Lantern Festival of this year was also very lively with full of lanterns and blaze. Seen from far away, it wasn’t second to Chinese ancient lantern festival and everyone enjoyed it. 
Lantern Festival in Shanghai Chenghuangmiao

The Lantern Festival for this year in Shanghai Chenghuangmiao is pretty sublime. People from all quarters got together for appreciating the bright flower lamps. Many colorful lanterns hung on antique cornice. There were snake-like lanterns, mandarin duck-like lanterns, goose-like lanterns, and many other interesting styles lanterns. Therefore, this year’s lantern show attracted quite a few children to come. Some of them held their mum’s hand, or sat on their dad’s shoulder to stroll in the street. Looking their happiness shown on their faces, I felt back to my childhood and got thoroughly delighted. 

Following the crowds, we came to the Bridge of Nine Turnings in the Old Street, one of the most famous spot of Chenghuangmiao. Quietly, I leaned against the railing and found many fairy-styled lanterns floating on the stream. Seen from far away, they were as natural as though they were living. Passing the bridge, we saw a narrow alley full of red lanterns, which gave us an amazing world. Wandering here, pavilions, terraces and open halls, painted beams and carved pillars, in a space with so many lanterns, as if to be far from the madding crowd.

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