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Enjoy the misty Chinese ink painting - Guilin Li River

Post Time: July 04,2018 By Sophie Huang

Speaking of Guilin, I like the Li River best. I remember it was a perfect weather with bright sunshine when I had my first Li River Cruise tour. Those beautiful sceneries made me lost in it. However, the weather of this time was not good enough. It drizzled all the time. I once thought the view wouldn’t be beautiful in such rainy day. To my surprise, with floating mist and drizzled, the landscape of the Li River was just like a wash painting. Seeing from far away, it was really an amazing sight and I got a great surprise.

The rain was drizzling and our ship was voyaging on the Li River, just like voyaging in a painting. Standing on the deck, everything was wet. The karst landform of hills stand row upon row with white cloud lingered among them. Hills, river, ships and folk houses on the bank were all in a peaceful sight, made us feel in a fairyland. Our ship moved ahead, along the way, the misty rain and the inverted reflection of the peaks in water, the vast expanse of water, the hills just looked like flowing movies which gave us a bit imagine and conjecture. A variety of peaks were dreamy and lively.

The Li River along with misty rain, hills, cloud and mist, formed an exquisite scenery and a long ink painting gallery, making people lose their mind. Just as people say ‘Guilin's scenery is the best in the world.’ We all praised the wonderful sight of the river. The Amah Rock, nine-horse fresco hill, yellow cloth reflection, these charming views were all graceful and made us enjoy ourselves so much and forget to leave.

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