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Li River Hiking Trip (from Yangdi to Xingping)

Post Time: December 07,2011 By Daniel Mo

 From the investigation of Top China Travel Agency, among the beautiful sceneries of Li River, the elite section, we must say, is from Yangdi to Xingping, which covers most of the famous sites, such as nine horsing painting hills, background of CNY 20, etc. And it is also the highlight of the Li River cruise tour. Besides of the Li River Cruise tour, hiking on the bank is also a very good option. You can appreciate the sceneries more carefully and get as close as the mountain, river, and you will measure the natural sceneries with your own feet in stead of sitting in the cruise. I can hardly remember what the nine horsing painting hill looks like since the last time I saw it from a distance on the cruise. However, after I hiked the whole section from Yangdi to Xingping, the picture of nine horsing hills deeply impressed me so that I can’t get it off from my mind. Some experienced travelers will spend 2-3 days for the hiking tour (from Guilin to Yangshuo), and camp somewhere beside the Li River. For leisure travelers, like me, we don’t have the equipment and experience to do that. But we can hike the elite section (Yangdi to Xingping) and It only take one day, which I think it is the best option for us!

Yangshuo is in the Southeast of Guilin city. Yangdi and Xingping town are between Guilin and Yangshuo, As Yangdi is in the north of Xingping town, and the hiking route will be started from Yangdi and hike all the way to Xingping along the Li river bank. The distance from Yangdi to Xingping is around 30 km, and Xingping to Yangshuo is around 25 km. During the hiking, there is no need to climb the hill and the road condition is very good. Normally, it consists of 20% village path, 30% cobble stone and 50% riverbank route.
Generally there is not very necessary to bring any special equipment for the hiking, but need to make sure you have comfortable shoes, as you will hike for almost a day. If hiking in the summer time, caps and sunscreen are must to prevent from sunshine burning. During the hiking, there is no place for rest or food and if this raining period, be sure to bring umbrella with you. Also you need to prepare some snacks with you as well as mineral water. If you are addicted photographers, please double check with your camera’s battery status before the tour as everywhere along the Li River is the perfect site for taking pictures.

Description of the hiking tour
► 1. Perfectly start the tour from Yangshuo at 0800 a.m. as it is very convenient to find bus available from Yangshuo to Yangdi. The first bus leave from Yangshuo to Yangdi is at 0700 a.m. and it is available every 20 minutes. It takes around 1 hour from Yangshuo to Yangdi and the price is at around CNY10 per person. You are suggested to stay one night first in Yangshuo and departure on the next day morning. In this case, you will be back to Yangshuo in the late afternoon after the hiking tour. Alternative, you can stay in Guilin first and take taxi from Guilin to Yangdi port and the taxi fee is around CNY60 per way.

► 2. After you arrive at Yangdi pier (around 0900 a.m.), you can start your hiking from there. The entrance fee to Yangdi pier is at around CNY20 per person, and the price includes two times ferry transfer when necessary. (First one is at Yangdi pier, and the second one is at Langshi pier.) On the half way, you need to take the ferry again at Lengshui pier and you have to pay as it is belong to Xingping town, at CNY5 per person. There is another very interesting way to take the bamboo raft from Yangdi to Xingping but our emphasis is on the hiking, so when the local people ask you if you would like to take the bamboo raft, you just say, no thanks, we go on foot. There is no special sign to direct the hiking way, and as long as you walk along the river, there will be no problem at all. The views are breath-taking all the way long and you will be very excited about the natural sceneries in front of you.

3. After 1 hour and a half (around 10:30 a.m.) you will reach the Langshi pier. You can show your ticket to take the free ferry to the other side to continue the hiking. You can also meet some of the hikers who are out door activities lovers. When you get to the other side, you will find it is a really good place to take picture. Have some rest there under the blue sky, surrounding by clear waters and green mountains. I think the moment will be remembered for the whole life time. Your next destination will be Lengshui pier and it is around 10 km from Langshi. We shall say it is the longest section during the hiking, but also the most interesting one. The local people will say hello to you and try to persuade you to take the bamboo raft instead. They will describe how hard to go forward as the road condition is not good, but never be frightened by them. You can also have chance to see the water buffalo swimming in the water or eating grasses somewhere nearby you.
How can you get close with them when you take the bamboo raft? So, never miss this chance and just continue your hiking. Around noon time, you will arrive at Lengshui village based on the normal walking speed. You will be surprised to find the village is surrounded by the mountains and also the path, fields, paddles. And the hiking sign will be clear there to direct the way to Lengshui pier. Among the mountains, you will find the most famous one, nine horses painting hill, just in front of you! What a wonderful experience when you get close and close to the nine horses painting hill by our own foot and when you arrive at Lengshui pier, the hill is just standing opposite to you! In order ways, find the Lengshui pier, find the nine horses painting hill. By the way, it will give you more time to recognize all the horses than either cruise or bamboo raft.
4. At around 14:30 p.m., you will arrive at the Lengshui pier. You have to buy the ferry ticket at CNY5 per person to get to the other side. You can also try some local food (fired crab, fish, and shrimp) and buy some water for the rest of tour. There will be around 6 km from Lengshui to Xingping town and you can think about taking the bamboo raft now if you feel tired. But you are still suggested to keep walking if the hike is still ok with you. When you get to the other side, you will walk into some villages and the road condition is very good. Or you can also choose to walk along the Li River. You are suggested to slow down and appreciate the beautiful sceneries, as it is close now to your destination – Xingping.
5. At around 1630 p.m. you will arrive at Xingping town. Go back to the main road, and you will find there is battery car available to the Xingping bus station. There is bus from Xingping to Yangshuo every 10 minutes, which is very convenient. In Xingping, you can see the very famous view, back group of CNY20, and because you arrive in the late afternoon, you might be lucky enough to see the sunset from the mountains and also very good site to take pictures. If you are still energetic, we would suggest you take a look at the Xingping Old Town and it is very historical.
6. The bus from Xingping to Yangshuo will take around 45 minutes. And one the way, you will find the view is also very nice. You can also use the 45 minutes to remind of the hiking tour, around 8 hours for 30 km, what a successful day!


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