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Hong Kong Disney Land Park Travel Guide

Post Time: Mar 14 2012 By Vanessa Li

One of the must-go attractions in Hong Kong is the Disney Land Park. For different people, they will have different experience in this land. Some just finish the sightseeing tour within one day, while some others prefer to have a two-day tour in this site. For you, Top China Travel offers some HK Disney Land Park travel guide for your reference:
Firstly, take the HK Disney Land Park Express to the destination:

Transfer at Xin Ao Station for Disneyland Express. It is really convenient. And as soon as the express appears in the eyes of visitors, every one will excited and joyful to flow into it. This express totally shows the consideration service idea of Disney. Since getting on this express, your Disney tour will be full of funs and joys.

A few minutes later, the Disney Land Park station arrives. It is fantastic to take a photo with this express on the platform. The Mickey face can be seen in the windows, the Disney souvenir are displayed in the express.
When get our from the subway station, tourists can see the welcome slogans immediately. the familiar Disney cartoon figures are hang on the streetlights in both sides of the road. Look forward, the place summon many people together is the landmark of the park – fountain pool. Mickey is surfing in the center of the pool. He is up and down by the power of waterspout. And the four set of cartoon figures are in four directions of the pool. 
♦ Travel Tips:
About Travel Toure
There are two language version maps for tourists’ reference in the entrance of the park. You can make out your travel route on the map firstly. Here

Here is our suggested route:
Most of the tourists and tourist groups are accustomed to visiting the park clockwise, which will easily have them caught in huge crowds and lose lots of time queuing up. Actually, you may customize your own visiting routes according to your time schedule and personal preference. For example, you may try the counter-clockwise route so as to avoid the crowd. And if you come to the park on a hot summer day, you can go to “Adventure Land” for a boating tour in the morning, and at 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon go to "Tomorrow Land" and enjoy the great fun of a water-fight.
Disney Flower Bust Parade Performance (迪士尼花车飞天巡演)
This performance is the highlight of Disney land. The performing time is daily 13:00 – 16:00. Tourists can dance with dancers together to get touch with the Disney culture.
Fireworks Show in Festivals
During some festival periods, Disney land will have firework show. The time is daily 20:00 – 20:15. Also, performances will be shown on the princess castle

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