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Eating in Xiamen - Taiwan Snacks Street in Xiamen

Post Time: Mar 21 2012 By Vanessa Li

Besides appreciating scenery and experiencing culture, travel is also a trip for food. In Xiamen, one of the most famous cuisines is seafood. But because of the time limited, we chose one of the famous Xiamen food streets – Taiwan Snack Street which was near the ferry port.
This food is a special sausage. It has an interesting name called large sausage wrapped small sausage. The large sausage is made of glutinous rice, while the small one is the traditional sausage. Unit-price 15 yuan.
Tu Sun Dong (in Chinese means frozen bamboo shoots), crispy, spicy and sour, unit-price 5 yuan

Barbecue, without spicy taste, fresh for me

Taiwan Style Pancake: the original legend of this food is interesting. Unit-price 13 yuan
It is said that during 1661, a war between Holland army and Zheng Chenggong (a famous militarist) army was caused in Taiwan. Holland army attacked warehouse of food. Zheng used his intelligence to make out this Taiwan style pancake by applying the local materials in Taiwan. At first, this food just made for soldiers. But without expectation, this taste was spread over Taiwan Island. And now, it becomes the traditional Taiwan snack which is popular with locals all the time.

Fried fishes in delicious taste

Roasted Oyster: Could you understand the sentences in the above pictures? It means this food is good for man to gain power, and advantage for woman to improve skins. Unit-price 15 yuan.

Roasted fan shell, favorable seafood of mine.

Crabs, 3 crabs in 20 yuan or 30 yuan. This kind of stands spread everywhere so that the street is in a red color.

Roasted fish

Roasted dove

At last, take a cup of fruit milk shake, wow, really delicious!
If you plan to have a food trip to Taiwan snack in Xiamen, just asks a friend go with you. Just buying a food in one personal taste, and then, divided into two parts and share with each other. This way is both ensure to enjoy more food and cut down the costs at the same time

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