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Guangzhou Dining Guide – Trip to Guangzhou for Street Food

Post Time: Feb 22 2012 By Tina Chan

Top China Travel Agency introduces you some delicious Guangzhou street foods for your reference.

1、Turnip and beef offal stew
This pic was taken in Sep. at Beijing Road, in a very small snake store. The store appearance is normal, but the food here is really attractive. A local girl recommend it to me and remind me to add some chili when eat it.
The turnip and beef offal stew is different from the one in other cities. You can see it in street and alley. If you want to know Guangzhou, this is the first thing you need to try.
An article about the Guangzhou Street Snake apply for the World Cultural heritage, mentioned that although there are tons of delicious food in Guangzhou, tourists at home and aboard are not aware of the Guangzhou’s famous food, that is due to the lack of propaganda and The packing.
Anyway, I’m completely charmed by the food there.
Turnip and beef offal stew, one of the famous snacks in Guangzhou Street, eat with a toothpick. it’s really attempting when they come out from the hot pot.
2、Rice Noodle (Lai Fen)
Why they want to use “Lai Fen” this words? In my opinion, this words sounding familiar with a Chinese word “shameless”. That’s why it catches my eyes when it’s in many snacks food shops.
Later when I came home, I Baidu it for the origin of the name as well as the making process:
People press the rice flour paste through a wooden mould above the boiling water, then the rice paste will become the trip shape and falling into the water. Then the rice noodle is done. This rice noodle is a common food in Canton, Hong Kong and Macao area.
There are many award and certificate on the wall of the shop which can give you a brief understanding of the history of the noodles.
Nest to the shop, there is a Memory Hall of the Vietnam youth revolution. You can visit there after finishing the delicious noodle.

3、Colorful Fish Ball Noodle
Colorful Fish Ball Noodle, a local food in Chaoshan, is well recommended on the internet. That’s why I take a shot when I in a shop at No.6 Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou.
The Fish Ball Noodle was introduced into Chaozhou from Guangzhou in Emperor Guangxu Years. The basic materials are smooth Guilin rice noodle and soup stock made by fresh fish and pig bones. Then add fish ball, beef ball, fry meat roll, fry fish and fish skin, Wonton and Green Onion as the seasoning. All of the above contribute to a delicious in good taste fish ball noodles.
Although there are many fish ball noodle shop in Guangzhou, I still suggest you go the old famous shop which people recommended on the internet.
4、Chicken Cookies  (Baked pork cake/cookies)
The fist time I get to know this cookie is with my sister in a quiet little Guangzhou alley.
When we see the shop, my sister suggested me try this cookies which is cheap and delicious. This cookie is better than the one I bought in market. So remember to try this in the alley shop.
Why they call it the chicken cookies, which is because the shape of the cookie looks like a chick. To be honest this name is wired to me at the first time but the taste is really great due to there are some pork in it.
The chicken cookie is name as the Guangzhou’s famous cookie. And more over, its making process has been selected in the Guangzhou non-material cultural heritage list. So you must try it when you are in Guangzhou.
The chicken cookie was named “Xiao Feng Cookie” which is invented in Xian Feng Year by a work staff Xiao Feng in a Guangzhou rich family. But it actually became famous was in half century later. The cook in a Cantonese restaurant in order to solve the dull sale of moon cake, he decided to make a special cookie with the moon cake raw material under the “Xiao Feng Cookie” cooking method. And then add fermented bean curd, garlic, pepper, five spice powder and salt. And this mix up cookie was really popular between the customers and  later it became a famous snack in Guangzhou city.

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