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Activities in Winter Tour in Harbin

Post Time: May 06 2015 By Vicky Lu

Harbin in winter is very beautiful with white ice and snow. And activities in winter tour in Harbin to play on ice or in snow are quite abundant. Here are some popular activities that you can enjoy and tips for touring to Harbin in winter.

Playing Ice Monkey

Playing Ice Monkey is a favorite game of the local in Harbin. Every winter, there are many people play Ice Monkey on the frozen river. However, Ice Monkey is not made from ice or monkey, it is a kind of gyro, and it is a small game especially popular in Harbin, northeast of China. Ice Monkey was originally made from wood, with round head and ogival base. The bottom is embedded nails or round iron balls to reduce friction. And there is indentation in the middle. With the development of society, the making material get more choices, wood, steel, iron, etc. While playing Ice Monkey, you should use a rope to around indentation of ice monkey. if there is no indentation, just wrapped the rope in the middle of the Ice Monkey, and then hold the Ice Monkey in hand, then throw it hard on ice or snow. Then the player needs to keep beating it with a whip, making ice monkey rotate steadily.


As an ice city, the most enjoyable activity in Harbin would be skiing around ski resorts in town. There are many skiing resort around Harbin. The famous one would be Yabuli Ski Resort.

Recommended places to go skiing

Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest skiing place in China, 197 km southeast from Harbin. If you go skiing there, it is suggested to stay overnight there. There are many guest houses near the resort.
Add: 2km southeast in Yabuli County, Shangzhi City, and 197 km from Harbin.

Tips for first-time skier
Currently, all ski resorts in Harbin offer a full range of ski equipment, such as snow shoes, skis and necessary equipment like that. First-time skier should choose skis not higher than their height. Skis are a little heavy.

Wearing ski boots is very particular. First rolled up your paints, hasp the back clasp, then press the button by side. You can rent dedicated ski suit in the ski resort.

It is hard to climb mountain with snowshoes on for beginners. Currently, all ski resorts in Harbin have a special instrument to transfer people uphill. The transfer equipment is usually located on the right side.

Watch Northeast Errenzhuan Show

Northeast Errenzhuan is a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of China. It is usually played by a man and a woman, two persons. The show has humorous lyrics, with rich flavor of life. Best places to watch Northeast Errenzhuan Show are in Harbin Liulaogen Main Stage and Eastern Scala.

Playing Sledge 

Playing Sledge is very a kind of interesting game. Sledge is used as a way of transport, but now it has become a kind of entertainment. It is very exciting.

Ice Slide

Ice Slide can be easily found in parks in winter in Harbin. Ice slides would be different in length, width, slope. A thick jacket and trousers, glove, hats and scarves are necessary to play this game.


Finding a place to skate in winter in Harbin is quite easy compared with skiing, in parks or on the Songhua River.

Ice Hockey

If your skating skill is pretty good, you can try playing Ice Hockey! This activity requires varied skate skill and hockey playing skills.

Ice Sail

Ice Sail is also called ice speed boat. Ice sail running is quite similar with sailing in the sea. It consists of rudder, velamen, cross-shaped hull bottom surface, etc. The sail body is cross-shaped and there are three ice skate blades at the bottom. A sailing boat is propelled by wind, four or more level wind can make speed of sailing up to 30 km per hour.

Tips for photograph in winter in Harbin
As it is too cold in winter outdoor, cameras or cell phones will be of tardiness due to the low temperature. And they would be out of power quite soon. They must get a full charge before you start the tour, and if the temperature is too low, do not photograph with an effort, to protect equipments from freezing.

Tips for touring in Harbin
There are a variety of stores selling Russian goods as souvenirs in Central Street. But you don't buy things here, for not only they is expensive, but come from in Small Commodity Market in Yiwu, not from Russia. If you really love them and want to keep for memory, it is suggested to buy in supermarket.

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