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Accommodation Tips Guide in Haikou

Post Time: May 06 2015 By Vicky Lu

Haikou is a tropical coastal city at the north end of the Hainan island. with a population consisting mostly of immigrants from other provinces. The downtown does not have many tourist attractions and the water in its only beach area is murky but as a transport hub, it can be conveniently served as a base for traveling to some cities on the north of Hainan.

There are many star hotels, youth hostel, or guests houses in Haikou, which offer a variety of options for tourists. Even in high season, when the hotels in Sanya and other places are overwhelmed, you can still find satisfactory accommodation in Haikou. Business people can consider major star hotel in Haikou. If you are a student, staying in a youth hostel is undoubtedly a good choice, which is not only save and clean, but also much cheaper. Place to stay in town can be divided into the City Downtown, the West Coast and Haidian Island three area. Each of them has their unique features. Tips: as for price, except during public holidays, it usually can get discounts. But hotel rate often varies largely as per season. If you want to save money, you would better avoid tourist seasons.

CBD Area

CBD Area in Hainan is the most prosperous in town. It looks excellent at nights with neon lights on. And there is home to many bars and nightclubs. In addition, there are shopping malls, a variety of exotic cafe.
CBD Area

Lan Tian Road / Bai Long Road

The district is located in Meilan District of Haikou. Catering and accommodation can be easily found along the two roads. And also, there are many ancient arcade houses around this place. You would get a chance to feel historic charm like in the past through these buildings.

Jin Niu Ling Park

The district is located in the downtown area of Haikou. Centered with Jin Niu Ling Park, it is surrounded by numerous hotels or hostels. Compared with CBD area and West Coast, the accommodation in this area is cheaper. It is more suitable for tourists who have low budget.

Hong Cheng Lake Area

Many highlight attractions are sited in this area, such as Qiong Tai Academy, Five Official Temple (Wugong Temple). Here you can have a good feel of Hainan human remains, quietly taste history and culture.
Sheraton in West Coast

West Coast / Marina Boulevard

West Coast / Marina Boulevard is a gathering place for upscale hotels, you can get in touch with sea view in close and enjoy scenery of the tropical seaside scenery. Famous brand hotels, such Sheraton, Shangri-la, Marriott Hotel, etc.

The district has the only cross-sea railway - Haikou railway station and the province's largest port - Port of Haikou.

There above are some tips guide in Haikou’s accommodation. You can choose one of the places to enjoy your stay in the city, to meet your budget or the purpose of your trip to Haikou.

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