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A Wonderful Hiking Day along the Li River

Post Time: July 27,2012 By Sophie Huang

 Last weekend, I went for a one day trip with my old friends, Jocelyn, Ling and Kaori. Since we have already experienced the beauty of Li River on boat, this time we planed to go hiking along the Li River
In the morning, we gathered at the bus station at about 7:00a.m.. It was a sunny day, so we prepared hats, sun cream and of course some snacks, and happily we got on the bus to Yangshou County. Unfortunate for our snacks, they were all gone on the bus.
We asked the driver to drop us at Yangdi pier. Actually the spot he drop us is nearing Yandi Pier, and we need to take anther bus to get to the pier.
It was about 8:30, when we finally start our hiking trip. We were so exciting since we haven’t travel for a long time, and now we could be so close to the nature. The blue sky, green water, fresh air was just what we had been expected for so long.
We were not walking very fast; actually, we were very slow, because we were deeply attracted again by the scenery along the Li River. Full shore of the bamboo is clearly visible, which is a beautiful Bambusa Multiplex. We walked in the shade of the trees like Bambusa Multiplex, feeling that summer is not hot any more. Some famers sold fruits and snack at the bank. We bought some fruit, and it was really different from the fruit we brought in downtown and it was more sweet and fresh.
We kept going and appreciated the beautiful sceneries one by one. Some hills or scenic we might not know the name of them, or they had not been named yet. And at about 13:00,we saw a very familiar hill. Guess what it is? Yes~, we got to the Fresco Hill, which was said that you can find 9 horses on the cliff of the hill. We counted it again, and still could not find out 9 horse, cause we found 11 one. Why? We all thought it was because we were too clever, too wise! And we did!
Across the river by a boat, we walked a distance and got to the place where you could find the scenery on the 20RMB paper. Green mountain reflected in the crystal water with sunshine, I really felt may be I used to belong to here.
When we finally arrived Xingping ancient town, the hiking trip was finished. I still could not help to buy some ornaments at the stalls and shops in this old town. And than we found a place to eat Guilin rice noodle, and got on the bus to Yangshou, so was the very end of this wonderful trip.

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