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3 Tourist Attractions You Must Go in Beijing

Post Time: Jul 04 2018 By Sophie Huang

Beijing, the capital of China, is one of the most visited places around the world. Any travel to China is not complete without visiting Beijing. Beijing is a fast changing metropolitan city and the typical place to witness China’s extraordinary ancient past and remarkable present.

There is numerous of amazing tourist attractions in Beijing, as well as incredible historical sites. It takes time to visit every tourist scenic spots in Beijing, if your time is limited, you need you highlight your travel by visiting the top 5 tourist attractions and the following 3 typical scenic spots in Beijing.

Typical Scenic Spot 1: The Temple of Heaven
There 5 temples in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven, Ditan (Temple of Earth), Ritan (Temple of the Sun), Yue Tan and Xiannongtan. For the limit of your time, personal interest and tolerance of the crowds, you just need to visit one of them, and then the Temple of Heaven is strongly recommended.

The Temple of Heaven is the most holy of imperial temples in Beijing, which is larger than Forbidden City. The temple was built for Emperors to pray to the Heavens and pray for good harvest by offering up sacrifices. There are three main temples, which are “Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests”, “Imperial Vault of Heaven” and “Circular Mound Altar”.

How to get there:
Buses and subway to the Temple of Heaven:
Subway line 5 and get off at The Temple of Heaven East stop.
Buses No. 6, 25, 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 43, 60, 116, 525, 610, 614, 684, 685, 687, 707, 723, get off at Fahuasi stop.
Buses No. 2, 20, 35, 69, 71, 504, 626, 707, 729, special bus No. 11, get off at The Temple of Heaven West stop.
Buses No. 17, 36, 120, special bus No. 1, and get off at the Temple of Heaven stop.
Buses No. 36, 53, 120, 122, 525, 610, 614, 958, special bus No. 3, special bus No. 11, special bus No. 12, and special bus No. 102, get off at the Temple of Heaven South stop.
Buses No. 6, 34, 35, 36, 106, 110, 687, 707, get off at the Temple of Heaven North stop.
Check for more details: Temple of Heaven

Typical Scenic Spot 2: Wangfujing Street
You cannot say you have ever been to Beijing city without visiting Wangfujing Street. Literally, Wangfujing means “Prince Residence Well”. During Ming dynasty, 10 princes lived there, so the street was named “Wangfu Street”. Later, a water well was dug there in Qing dynaty, and then, the street was renamed “Wangfujing Street”.

Besides, Wangfujing Street, as popular Night Food Market, is a perfect place to taste local snacks. Whenever you visit Wangfujing, you must try various snacks there. 

How to get to Wangfujing Street:
Buses and subway get there:
Subway: line 1, and get off at Wangfujing stop.
Buses: No. 104, 10, 120, 126, 203, 205, 20, 37, 41, 420, 59, 90, 99, and get off at Wangfujing stop.

Typical Scenic Spot 3: Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park)
Fragrant hills park, historical royal park, is full of natural and cultural tourist attractions. Xiangshan Park is one of the “Three Hills and Five Gardens of Beijing”. There are two reasons why it is named Fragrant Hills Park: the first one, the stalactite on the top of the hill looks like a Xianglu (in English censer), so it is named Xianglushan; the second reason, the apricot blossom makes the hill fragrant.

The Fragrant Hills Park is famous for its red leaves. It is the best period to enjoy red leaves during the middle of October and the early November. Usually, the red leaves lasts for one month.

How to get there:
Buses get to the Fragrant Hills Park:
Buses No. 318, 331, 360, 696, 689, get off at Xiangshan stop.
Buses No. 563, get off at Xiangshan Park East stop.
Buses No. 505, special bus No. 5, get off at Xiang Quan Huan Dao stop.
Buses No. 630, get off at Beijing Botanical Garden stop.
Check for more details: Fragrant Hills Park

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