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Xujiahui Shopping District

Location: In the southwest part of Shanghai
What to buy: electronic items, clothes and accessories

Xujiahui is located in the southwestern part of Shanghai. In just ten years, Xujiahui has become one of the four biggest shopping destinations in the city of Shanghai. Easily accessible by Metro Line 1 (Xujiahui Station), many people enjoy shopping at Xujiahui because of the number of modern and fashionable shopping malls all within walking distance from each other.
Xujiahui Shopping District
Xujiahui Shopping District

Xujiahui is famous for electronic items, with two large electronic malls - Metro City and TaipingYang Suma Plaza. It is one of the biggest places for people to get electronic equipment, from cameras to PSPs to XBoxes and modchips for those XBoxes and other game consoles as well.
Xujiahui Shopping District
Xujiahui Shopping District

Besides the electronic productions, Xujiahui Shopping District has complete facilities including two cinemas, two hypermarkets and many shops selling both up-scale and reasonably priced clothes and accessories.

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