Shanghai Qi Pao

If you ask Chinese who is the most attractive woman in China, people may tell you that a woman who is dressing in Qi Pao. Qi Pao, a symbol of the traditional Chinese beauty, played a very important role during the Old Shanghai period.

Formed in 1930s, Shanghai style Qi Pao not only carried on the traditional tailor style but also absorbed the western making ways. The common Qi Pao dress is in red. That is gorgeously eye-catching and in chic style, fully showing a long history of culture of the Chinese nation. And it mainly embodies charm of implicit elegant of oriental female. The patterns on Qi Pao is quite traditional, like fish pattern, flowers, plum blossom, etc. Nowadays, Qi Pao becomes another fashionable dress in Shanghai, even around China. So enter into a Qi Pao shop and tell the boss which style you would like to make, you will have an unique Shanghai style Qi Pao when you finish your Shanghai tour.
Where to Customize an Authentic traditional Qi Pao in Shanghai?

The traditional Shanghai Qi Pao is made from Chinese brocade fabric, together with Chinese-style design. But with the changing times, the current designs of Shanghai Qi Pao integrate Western dress’s designs, and incorporate many elements of the trend. That makes Qi Pao looks more fashionable. Customized tailoring makes the dress unique and it contains rich Chinese cultural essence.
Shanghai Qi Pao
Shanghai Qi Pao

There are has a lot of Qi Pao custom shops in Shanghai. Maoming South Road is a famous Qi Pao Stores Street. Here TCT recommends some well-known handmade custom Qi Pao dress shops. 

• The Bund Shanghai Qi Pao Store (or Shanghai Waitan Qi Pao Store)

The Bund Shanghai Qi Pao Store is located in No.61 Maoming South Road. Here you can customize Qi Pao dress in the 1930s’ style. It contains the traditional features of the Shanghai cheongsam in 1093s. The design of the dress here shows the typical charming of women. 

• Man Lou Lan Store

Man Lou Lan Store is located in No.70 Maoming South Road. Man Loulan is a well-known Qi Pao dress shop in Shanghai. Customers need to be measured for more 21 different places of your body. And the dress will be customized according to customers’ stature and requirements. The experience masters here can even modified an existing dress at any time in accordance with customers’ stature. The customized Qi Pao dresses here are very beautiful and stylish.
Shanghai Qi Pao
Shanghai Qi Pao

• Jin Zhi Yu Ye Store
Jin Zhi Yu Ye Store is located in No.72 Maoming South Road. It is a franchise store the Chinese cheongsam. Here you can customize a stylish Qi Pao dress in the store. Also, the decoration of the store is quite special. 

• Heping Qi Pao Store
Heping Qi Pao Store is located in 161 Maoming South Road. The customized dress here is usually more fashionable and colorful. So it is more welcomed by young women.