Wulin Shopping Street

Location: At the downtown area, Xiacheng District
What to buy:garments and clothes accessories

Wulin Road, close to the West Lake, covers 1650 meters. It is adjacent to Hubin commerce and trade area, creating an encircled shopping and leisure atmosphere. It is a characteristic commercial street in Hangzhou which perfectly integrated shopping, entertainment, tourism, and leisure together. Nearby in the Wulin Square, it is a large number of upscale shopping venues and top-end department stores.

Some one calls this street as female fashion street. The garments and clothes accessories are characterized by modern individuality with quite a number of world famous brands. Originally as a region of stores selling cell phones, it has transformed into a fashion dress street for women just over the past few years.

The floor space of each garment store ranges from over ten square meters to about one hundred square meters. Altogether there are around two hundred such lady’s clothes stores. It is a leading fashion location for modern girls in Hangzhou. There are also some women barbers, beauty saloons, fitness centers here, adding another leisure variety to the fashion life of the street.